Durham Report Outlines FBI Corruption, Prompting Jim Jordan to Take Action

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan announced he’ll be taking action against the Federal Bureau of Investigations. This comes after the Durham Report showed how the agency was involved in spreading lies about former President Trump.

Jordan immediately decided he’s taking matters into his own hands, claiming his next move is going to be slashing the FBI’s budget for the foreseeable future. This means lowering the agency’s impact on the media and the American people.

FBI under fire for corruption

The 2016 election has become a relevant topic once more. Democrats seem to be determined to die on that hill, even if there’s never been proof of any “collusion”.

Jordan opened the topic with his own take on the very politicized state of the intelligence agencies in the US, explaining that both the FBI and the CIA have become corrupt.

He then went over only some of the Clinton campaign’s efforts at undermining her opponent, Trump, with a number of different forms of blackmail and misinformation being spread online, none of which were effective in stopping the MAGA agenda.

It wasn’t long until Biden tried to do the same thing. In 2020, he employed 50 former CIA agents to smear Trump’s reputation during the 2020 election.

Democrats’ abuse of intelligence agencies

After shedding criticism on both the Clinton and the Biden campaigns, Jordan took the FBI on separately, using the Durham Report as leverage.

The report shows the agency failed to hold up the fidelity of the law. They’d known Hillary was making up info to make the election harder for her opponent; yet, they refused to act on it.

Not a single piece of evidence that the Trump campaign was aided by the Russians exists. No one even bothered to mention that for the entirety of Trump’s time in office.

The FBI even aided Democrats in spreading all this misinformation with the intention of removing Trump from the White House.

Thankfully, dealing with the FBI will be easy pickings for Rep. Jordan; all he’s got to do for them to fold is take away the agency’s funding.