Elon Musk Offers to Buy Twitter

Tesla CEO and world’s richest man Elon Musk has reportedly submitted a proposal of $41.39 billion to acquire entire control over the company.

This was confirmed by Twitter earlier this morning in an official statement.

It is expected the Twitter board of directors will carefully evaluate the proposal and select the course of action they believe is in the best interest of the organization and all Twitter shareholders.

In a letter accompanying the offer, Musk stated, “It’s a high price, and your investors will adore it.” Musk made the offer on Wednesday evening.

According to Musk, the proposal was the max he was willing to put up, and if refused, Musk stated he might walk away from Twitter as a shareholder forever.

Musk is Twitter’s Largest Shareholder

As a result of Musk buying a whopping 9% of Twitter shares, he is now the largest shareholder of Twitter stock.

Musk is a very well-known supporter of free speech and a supporter of Donald Trump.

When Trump was banned from Twitter in 2021 for allegedly ‘inciting violence’ during the Capitol building protests, it aroused uproar among the public.

As evidenced by the fact the erstwhile terrorist group, the Taliban, was able to freely use the site while Trump was not, many people on social media accused loud lefty Jack Dorsey of dishonesty and closing down peaceful, free speech.

Musk’s Statement

Musk said the following in an interview with Twitter board member Bret Taylor:

“In order to maintain a functioning democracy, I invested in Twitter because I believe it has the potential to be a forum for free expression around the world. I also feel free expression is an important societal necessity.”

“After making my investment, I have come to recognize that the business would neither thrive, nor fulfill this societal necessity, in its current form. Twitter must be restructured to operate like a private corporation.”

“Twitter has enormous potential,” says Musk. “I’ll take care of it,” he continued.

Twitter’s stock rose by 5.6 percent earlier today, but the stock remains below Musk’s offer price, indicating his bid is unlikely to be successful.

However, Wedbush analyst Dan Ives called the proposal a “historic move” and predicted that Musk will eventually become the platform’s owner.

“At the end of the day, we believe Musk will be the owner of Twitter as a result of this aggressive hostile acquisition of the company,” says the author.

If Musk is to be the sole owner of Twitter, then there’s a good chance Trump will be allowed back on the platform. Other conservative and libertarian voices such as Alex Jones could be allowed back on the site too but there’s no way Musk will be able to buy Twitter without the far-left waging an all-out war against Musk.