Epstein Brought Eight Young Women While Visiting Clinton White House

A breaking report just surfaced that reveals convicted pedophile Jeffery Epstein brought young women alongside him when he visited Bill Clinton in the White House.

A previous report by the Daily Mail reported Epstein visited Bill Clinton at the White House over 17 times between 1993-1995.

Visitors records obtained by the Daily Mail reveal the women who visited the White House with the now-deceased pedophile were Celine Midelfart who was 21, Frances Jardine, Eva Andersson-Dubin, and convicted child sex trafficker, Ghislaine Maxwell.

More Details on the Visitors

Maxwell visited the White House with Epstein while the two were dating.

Maxwell has since been convicted for child sex trafficking and is now awaiting sentencing. Celine Midelfart, who was seen at the White House with Epstein, was a witness at Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial, where witnesses claim she dated Epstein for a total of 11 years.

Eva Anderson’s name was also mentioned during Maxwell’s trial, and so was Frances Jardine’s name, due to her constant contact with Epstein.

Epstein’s Associates are Being Exposed

In a shocking move, Queen Elizabeth just stripped Prince Andrew of all his military titles.

This is due to the fact that Prince Andrew is facing a lawsuit from a US woman who is accusing him of sexually assaulting her in Jeffery Epstein’s home, while she was underage.

Prince Andrew was promptly stripped of his titles and will no longer be referred to as “His Royal Highness.”

Both Prince Charles and Prince William are also advocating for Prince Andrew to be exiled from the Royal Family. In light of this, it appears the Royal Family knows a lot of dirty laundry will be aired while Prince Andrew is facing the lawsuit.

Virginia Giuffre is the woman who is filing the suit against Prince Andrew.

She is claiming that Prince Andrew sexually assaulted her at Jeffrey Epstein’s pedophile island called Little St. James, in Epstein’s Manhattan townhouse, and at Ghislaine Maxwell’s house in London.

Prince Andrew, on multiple occasions, denied the claims against him. He even went as far as saying he never met Virginia Giuffre, but pictures of the two alongside Ghislaine Maxwell say otherwise.

Andrew has a history of participating in activities that have disgraced the Royal Palace. However, if he loses this lawsuit on the grounds that he sexually assaulted a 17 year old girl, then he will be needing to find a new place to stay.

It appears the Queen’s decision of stripping Prince Andrew of his military titles is a precursor to what will be decided in the lawsuit.

It will be interesting to see if more Epstein accusers will come out in the open and shed light on other high-profile figures in society who sexually assaulted minors under Epstein’s wing.