Epstein Hid Bill Clinton’s ‘Pedophile Island’ Visits for Hillary’s 2016 Run

Pedophile and disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein went to great lengths to hide the fact that former Democrat President Bill Clinton made visits to his private Caribbean island, known as “Pedophile Island.”

Hiding Whether Bill Clinton’s Been to Pedophile Island

As Hillary Clinton was about to face Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election, there were apparently major concerns that the Hillary campaign could be hurt by revelations Bill had been visiting the pedophile’s island.

Thus, in 2016, Darren Indyke, a lawyer of Epstein, got in touch with a couple who managed the “Pedophile Island” for eight years; he made them sign a sworn affidavit that they never saw Bill Clinton on the island of Little St. James.

This is according to a report by the Daily Mail, which cites an unnamed source with knowledge on the matter. The couple in question, Miles and Cathy Alexander, managed what is known among locals as “Pedophile Island” between 1999 and 2007.

The source noted, “there was a worry” about the link between Clinton and Epstein being used to attack Hillary’s campaign.

Shortly before the Alexanders quit working for Jeffrey Epstein in 2007, the lawyer had Miles Alexander hand over to him all logbooks containing the arrival and departure records for the sickening private island.

The report asked rhetorical questions as to whether the records in question may have “contained the names” of both girls and “Epstein’s VIP friends” who visited the island.

One of the most important questions is where exactly those highly revealing records may be in the present day, just at a time when his long-time girlfriend and close aide Ghislaine Maxwell was convicted on several relevant charges.

The Powerful Epstein-Clinton Connection

Even though Bill Clinton denied visiting the Pedophile Island, the “little black book” of Epstein’s contacts had at least 21 telephone numbers and several email addresses for Clinton.

It is also known that from February 2002 until November 2003, Clinton appeared as a passenger on Epstein’s planes no fewer than 26 times.

Back in April 2011, Virginia Roberts, today Virginia Guiffre, told one of her lawyers, Jack Scarola, during a telephone conversation that the former president actually visited the Pedophile Island.

Back in August 2020, a report by The Daily Beast revealed Darren Induke was the “in-house” lawyer to the entire Epstein enterprise; he probably had the most knowledge about the money, dealings, and relationships of the pedophile financier.

Meanwhile, it just emerged that Epstein’s girlfriend, Ghislaine Maxwell, will no longer be fighting legally in order to keep secret the identities of eight persons who had sex with underage girls that she and her pedophile friend procured.

Maxwell, who is already a convicted sex trafficker, is no longer going to object to the exposure of the identities of the eight “John Does.”

This is based on a civil lawsuit from 2015 filed by Virginia Giuffre, the Prince Andrew accuser, against Epstein’s former girlfriend and close aide.

Her decision to stop trying to protect the identities of the eight persons in question was announced by one of her lawyers in a letter to Judge Loretta Preska.