Epstein’s Secret Was Out and About For Years Until Anyone Spoke Up

In a series of events that ended up shocking everyone, it was revealed that JPMorgan Chase had been aware of the Epstein accusations as early as 2006; yet, if you look at the partnership, they only dropped him as a client in 2013.

The current head of asset management at the company, Mary Erdoes, was the one to inform the court of this.

She stated that JPMorgan was well aware of Epstein’s activities with underage girls and young women, but it didn’t stop the bank from doing business with him until seven years later.

Epstein is far too valuable of a client, it seems

Filings show that the bank officially decided to let the client go all the way back in 2010, but it took an additional three years to actually do it, almost as if the money was just too good to pass up on.

This creates a number of implications against JPMorgan. The US Virgin Islands is now looking to get compensation for damages from the bank itself, as they basically profited from the human trafficking Epstein was involved in.

What’s more, they continued to support him even after he was arrested on account of charges of soliciting a minor all the way back in 2006. It took another seven years to decide that doing business with a pedophile is bad for business.

The bank’s CEO, Jamie Dimon, is expected to testify under oath regarding his decision to keep Epstein as a client, which could get ugly.

JPMorgan will need a miracle to make it out of this one

Dimon himself denied any involvement in examining Epstein’s account. Although that doesn’t exactly say much, considering just about everyone knew about his arrest and the charges against him from the moment he was arrested.


The Epstein topic has definitely died down in the past year, despite being popular enough to make it into memes at one point. Now that the cards are laid out on the table, it seems much more complex than it was at first glance.

From Bill Gates to JPMorgan, it’s almost as if everyone wanted a piece of the financier turned sex offender, even though they knew there was no chance he’d ever get away with it.

On that note, how is Bill Gates exempt from all this, especially considering how long he remained in contact with Epstein even after the allegations?