Established LGBTQ+ Academic found Hosting Site With Child Pornography

"Hacking" by Johan Viirok

A recent investigation into a certain Professor Emeritus at California’s State University found the aforementioned academic has nearly two decades of participation in an online forum.

This forum contains written pornography depicting the castration and torture of children.

The professor in question, Thomas W. Johnson, who’s held dozens of talks on “expanding the transgender umbrella,” was discovered to be a long-standing member of the body-modification fetish site called “The Eunuch Archives.”

He went under the name Jesus.

“DSCN5379” by Neal Jennings

Radical left pushes for pedophilia to be included in “gender identity“

While he managed to keep his identity hidden for nearly 20 years, a recent slip-up in his posts to the forum (namely his invitation to participate in a survey on childhood experiences and castration desire) led the investigators to the great reveal.

Johnson published dozens of works based on surveys he’s personally conducted with other members of the forum.

One of his main interests is advocating for the expansion of gender identity to men with sadomasochistic and pedophilic fantasies.

The most common theme is child castration, a personal fantasy of his.

In this, he’s dubbed as a “Male-to-Eunuch” identity in his first draft of the proposal to the World Professional Association of Transgender Health, or WPATH for short.

The organization in question exists as an international medical body that’s been put in place to set guidelines regarding trans identity.

It’s expanding to the unethical practice of administering body-altering drugs to children and teens that wish to transition.

Two other academics surface in Eunuch Archives investigation

Reduxx, the news company behind the several month-long investigations, reported the forum contained some 3k pieces of fictional child pornography stories depicting rape, murder, and torture of children.

The research obtained from Johnson shows the majority of the members of the forum cited sexual fantasies as their main reason for the wish to be castrated.

Some of these mental cases even reported they’d felt sexual arousal when witnessing the castration of animals.

Others posted personal ads with a BDSM thematic, requesting a sexual partner that would fulfill their fantasies, with most of these ads containing either pedophilic or violent connotations.

Aside from Johnson, two other members of the forum have been discovered to be prominent academics as well.

One of them is Richard J. Wassersug, who’d been on the forum for around two decades also; whereas the other, Krister H. Willette, has been a member since 1998.

These three men have participated in numerous conferences on gender identity hosted by WPATH.

They have been the driving force behind the declassification of Gender Identity Disorder as a psychological condition, changing the name of the illness to Gender Dysphoria.

Additionally, they’ve pushed for the inclusion of pedophiles into the LGBTQ+ community, but their requests have been turned down since.

This is mainly due to the community’s only upside being they sometimes actually care for a child’s safety and wellbeing.

These two things cannot coexist with pedophiles in a system that doesn’t punish and frown upon the disgusting behavior.