Ex-Biden Official Who Turned Out to Be a Luggage Thief Avoids Jail Time

In yet another case of luggage theft he’s found himself in, Samuel Brinton, a non-binary former Biden administration official, was given a six-month suspended jail sentence for stealing a woman’s luggage case in Las Vegas.

On top of being given a plea deal, Brinton even managed to wiggle out of a felony and walk away with nothing more than misdemeanor charges.

He only had to pay $3,600 in restitution to one of his victims, as her luggage was loaded with expensive jewelry and makeup.

Former Biden official accepts plea deal over luggage theft charges

If that wasn’t enough, he was so carefree about the whole thing that he decided to post to his Instagram account almost immediately after, allowing the police to catch up to him.

Brinton was originally appointed as a deputy assistant secretary at the Department of Energy, focusing on spent fuel and waste disposition, but the department fired him since his kleptomania had been revealed.

One would expect him to stop at his first arrest, but the official-turned-crook decided he wanted more. Only two months after his first offense, he did it again, this time during a trip from Minnesota to Washington D.C.

At this point, many would argue it could just be a mistake and he’s taking luggage that he believes to be his. However, video evidence shows him taking a Vera Bradley bag and very violently ripping the name tag off of it before sneaking out of the airport.

Repeat offender

Despite being caught red-handed, he claimed it was just an accident. He even offered to return the bag along with all of its contents, which were valued at around $2,300.

However, a fashion designer from Houston, Asya Khamsin, believes Brinton was involved in yet another luggage theft case, dating back several years.

He’s been seen wearing some custom pieces that were “lost” at a Washington airport in 2018, which is four entire years before the latest two cases he’s involved in.

The designer was forced to withdraw from the fashion show at the time; the garments never surfaced for years, that is until Brinton decided to show off to his Instagram followers.

This only goes to show the Biden administration will hire just about anyone and we’ve probably only witnessed the tip of the iceberg when it comes to how corrupt these people can be.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.