Exclusive Details About NYC Subway Shooting Suspect

Upwards of 20 people were injured in the subway shootings in Brooklyn on Tuesday. Today, a manhunt is currently ongoing, seeking Frank R. James, the suspected gunman.

James, who was first identified as a “prime suspect” in the investigation, has now been identified as a suspect, according to NYC Mayor Eric Adams (D).

In a tweet Tuesday, the NYPD stated James “fired many gunshots” inside a subway car going towards Midtown.

In addition, the shooter detonated two smoke canisters, which dispersed smoke throughout the vehicle.

There were ten persons wounded by gunfire; another 13 people were injured while they tried to flee the railway station or as a result of smoke inhalation.

Details of the Shooting

After officials discovered a U-Haul key at the location of the event, which was for a van leased by James in Philadelphia, James, 62, was identified as the person responsible for the incident.

Police are now on the hunt for James; they are offering a reward of upwards to $50,000 for evidence that leads to his capture and conviction.

The following is what we know already about the shooting suspect:

At a press conference, the Chief of Detectives characterized James as a dark-skinned, burly male with a thick build.

During the event, he added, James was dressed in an orange-green, nylon-type work vest with a gray-black hoodie over it, a surgical mask over his face, and a neon-green work helmet over his head.

According to the authorities, James has residences in Wisconsin and Philadelphia, among other places.

Officials believe the guy opened two smoke bombs and hurled them into the train platform before firing a Glock pistol at least 33 times, according to eyewitnesses.

The suspect then attempted to flee the scene.

The Suspect’s YouTube Channel

A YouTube channel known as “prophetoftruth88” was connected to James when authorities released a picture from one of the publication’s videos. James was arrested in connection with the channel.

His racist, profanity-laced rants and discussions of current events were featured prominently in the videos released on his account. This account included films labeled “LET’S THINK More About N-WORD.”

During a press conference on Tuesday, Sewell stated James made “some alarming posts” that prompted officials to increase the size of Adams’ security team.

“I told you so,” he remarked of the attacks, condemning Adams’ reaction to the assault and emphasizing the role played by homeless people in the incident.

James had also openly discussed violent crime, notably in relation to mass shootings, and he expressed concern.

According to him, “we need to witness more mass shootings.”

“To make a n—– understand, we need to witness more mass shootings. There must be more gun murders for a n—– to understand.”

Another now-eerie film, labeled “THE GOOD OLD DAYS,” showed a subway car traveling through a peaceful, packed station.

James also addressed the subject of death in a second video.

“It’s not so much that we’re going to die as it is that we’re going to be alone. That is hardly the most tragic aspect of the situation.”

His conclusion, “The unfortunate part is that we really should f—— be dead and are unable to see why, or refuse to see why.”