Far-Left Activists Mock and Insult Capitol Police While Celebrating the Murder of Ashli Babbit

"Capitol" by Tyler Merbler

At a Saturday rally supporting those who are being incarcerated over their involvement with the January 6th protests at the Capitol building, a number of counter-protesters showed up.

They were cheering the death of Ashli Babbit, a person who was murdered by Capitol Police that day.

The woke mob chanted “F*cked around and found out” through megaphones while Capitol Police were trying to redirect them away from the building, only to be attacked by said counter-protesters for being on bikes.

“US Capitol Police” by Lorie Shaull

Nothing “woke” about being obnoxious and irritant

As it stands though, Babbit was indeed the only person to be killed during the January 6th breach, mainly due to her continuous attempts to pass through a barricaded door inside the Capitol building.

As the mob moved across the lawn, they redirected their hateful comments at one specific officer who stood in their way. After this, the majority of them joined in, calling him a “motherf*cker” and a “piece of sh*t” while also demanding he give them his badge number.

One of the protesters even shouted at him for “obstructing a walkway,” even though they were moving across the Capitol building’s lawn. This is far from a walkway, and even then, the protesters would be the ones obstructing it.

At one point, the woke mob actually approached the rally in front of the building, shouting at the men and women showing support for the incarcerated January 6th protesters, calling them insurrectionists and claiming former President Trump to be a “little baby loser”.

Libs continue showing their true face

However, the group may be disappointed to find out the “little baby loser” is taking a lead in the hypothetical Trump v. Biden polls for the 2024 election. Even if the GOP would opt for another candidate, Biden’s odds of winning the race are abysmal.

Some have even suggested Florida Governor Ron DeSantis run for office in 2024. Although he’s shot down any claims of him doing so, assuring he’ll be running for Florida governor once again.

In any case, the “woke” left is playing a losing game. Insensitive protests like this one aren’t exactly doing the Democrat Party favor, especially ahead of the midterm elections in November.

Hilariously enough, had the roles been reversed, the media coverage of this story would’ve been impressive, to say the least. We would have seen the hypothetical protesters being demonized by every left-leaning newsletter under the sun.

Moreover, this confirms the exact opposite of Biden’s claims is true, as we’re seeing a steady increase in Democratic protesters and activists taking major risks and involving themselves in violent acts.

This comes even though the president assured us Republicans and MAGA supporters were violent and “domestic terrorists.”