Far Left ‘Squad’ Member Cori Bush Goes on Racist Tirade Against Black Conservative

Congresswoman Cori Bush is one of the most far-left members of Congress. She’s part of the so-called ‘Squad’ which includes anti-American radical Ilhan Omar and socialist loudmouth Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC).

Bush is a black woman who claims to support the dignity and power of black Americans, but she recently showed a very disturbing racist streak.

Her comments came in response to who will become the next Speaker of the House of Representatives.

What Did Bush Say?

Republican Kevin McCarthy doesn’t have the votes to be re-elected as Speaker and the race is on to find a replacement. Black Republican Byron Donalds is one of those who are being considered in the running.

Though Bush doesn’t find him worthy and she says that his blackness is just a “prop.” In fact, she went a step further and said Donalds is a “white supremacist” and a “pathetic” choice for Speaker.

It looks like Bush has found at least one black life that she believes doesn’t matter. Whereas it’s really much worse than that. Bush and fellow leftists believe that all black conservatives don’t matter and are white supremacists.

They hate black people who don’t follow the party line and stay within the Democrat Party and the radical left. How sick is that?

Does Donalds Have a Shot?

Donalds has become a leading alternative to McCarthy and that’s why Bush turned her anger on him. Donalds definitely has a shot and stands a real chance of becoming House speaker.

Representative Dan Bishop serves North Carolina’s 8th District and is one of those who supports Donalds strongly. He took offense to Bush’s sickening remarks, noting Donalds is nothing close to being a “prop.”

As Bishop said, Donalds has “conviction” and is a principled patriot. Bush reducing him down to a token and a racist bogeyman is disgusting and “grotesque.”

Bush doesn’t care, and even as Bishop slammed her racism, she just sneered and laughed on the House floor.

This woman is a ruthless racist just like her other colleagues on the far left who believe they can use skin tone to take political power and manipulate people into voting for their anti-American socialist agenda.

What’s Next?

The Democrats have become used to being the ones who get to decide what’s allowed in government and what’s racist. Leading the January 6 witch hunt has left them feeling invincible, and they still think the whole world is just left-wing MSNBC and network news.

Though there’s a real America out here and the GOP needs to start standing up for it.

As the Republicans take over Congress in the coming term, they need to take all committee jobs away from Bush and leave her exactly as irrelevant and ridiculous as she is.

This woman does not deserve to have any additional power than her basic power as a member of Congress. She can stew in her impotent hate and racist delusions all alone.

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.