Federal Agents Raid COVID-19 Testing Center

Federal agents in Chicago have just raided a COVID-19 clinic that has been under investigation by several attorney generals and federal health agencies across the United States.

The FBI executed a search warrant after investigators discovered some shady findings occurring at the testing center.

Investigators found that the Center of COVID Control accepted over $124 million in aid from the federal government; this aid was for issuing free COVID-19 pop-up shops around the United States.

More on the Story

After the news broke out, users on social media discovered the CEO of the Center of COVID Control is Aleya Siyaj. Siyaj has reportedly been living a luxurious lifestyle, alongside her husband.

The couple that runs the testing center has shared on social media pictures of their Lamborghinis, other sports cars, and their million-dollar mansions.

According to Illinois’ AG Kwame Raoul, the testing center has been under investigation after numerous members of the Chicago community contacted his office about receiving results of COVID-19 tests without even getting tested.

Other complaints were that people had delayed test results and some never received any results at all.

Just think about that. There are people who have never even taken a COVID-19 test receiving test results. Maybe those numbers being passed around on the corporate media that depict current numbers of COVID-19 cases aren’t very accurate after all.

A couple from Florida was visiting the state and waited for several hours to get tested, but then decided to leave. To their surprise, when they got back home, they received an email that stated they tested negative for COVID, even though they never took the test!

This is Also Happening Outside of Illinois

The attorney general from Missouri has also cracked down on pop-up testing centers being opened up by the Center for COVID Control.

The company is receiving great backlash in Missouri. This is because they are putting up shanty, town-type tents and administering COVID tests. Then, when they are finished, they leave the place where they conducted the tests in an absolute mess.

Minnesota has likewise had a problem with the testing center. Therefore, the state’s Attorney General Keith Ellison is cracking down on the company.

The center is reportedly being investigated in Minnesota for creating fake tests to receive government funding in return, and for also sending inaccurate results.

The United States government is funding several of these cash grab operations and people will continue to profit off the pandemic. It’s interesting how they advertise these COVID tests for free because, ultimately, the federal government is paying for the tests.

Meanwhile, the people who are funding the American government are the taxpayers. Some companies never want COVID to end because they’re making too much money.