Former MTV Star Wanted for Alleged Misconduct

Authorities are on the hunt for Connor Smith, a former MTV personality, for allegedly attempting to meet a minor for sex and grooming her in Illinois. The case has sparked a national manhunt for Smith.

Former MTV Star Wanted for Alleged Child Grooming and Sex Offense

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office announced that an arrest warrant nationwide was issued against former reality show star, Connor Smith, who is indicted for driving to Illinois to meet a minor for sex and groom her.

The warrant is for three felony charges: grooming and disseminating explicit material and traveling to meet a minor.

According to authorities, Smith believed he was communicating with a minor, aged 15 years old, for several weeks, but he was actually talking to an undercover detective.

The operation was a joint effort conducted by the Investigative Service of Naval Criminals and the Division of Criminal Investigations by the Office of Lake County Sheriffs. After an investigation, the reality star is now wanted for three criminal charges.

According to authorities, Smith sent sexually explicit material to an undercover detective posing as a girl under the age of 15. Smith also arranged to meet the “child” for sex on Feb. 9, but was intercepted by detectives when he arrived.

Despite being surrounded by law enforcement officers, Smith managed to escape in his vehicle. In spite of indicating he would surrender himself, Smith has not yet done so. A judge in Lake County set his bond at one million.

Smith, Accused of Raping and Assaulting a Teenager in 2021

Back in December of 2021, Smith was also arrested for allegedly assaulting and raping a 16-year-old girl in Indiana.

According to the victim, Smith drove out of state to meet her and forced her to perform a sex act on him as soon as she got into his pickup truck. The victim also claimed Smith took her to a motel room and physically assaulted her when she refused to get undressed.

The report of the Norwest Indiana, The Times, stated the 16-year-old girl narrated the incident to the police stating she took off almost all her clothes.

Smith grabbed her by the hair and dragged her to the bathroom where he urinated on her face, forcing her to ingest his urine by pressing her nose. The reality star was indicted of raping the teen and strangling her every time she’d attempt to resist.

Smith was then charged with sexual battery, felony rape, and criminal confinement on two counts.

However, the charges were thereafter dismissed back in September after the girl stopped responding to communications sent by law enforcement and prosecutors, which made it hard for them to have enough evidence to convict Smith.

Smith starred in MTV’s Season 3 reality dating show “Are You The One?”

The show features singles competing against each other in finding their perfect match. In the show, Smith was matched with a woman; however, the couple broke up after the reality TV show was filmed.

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