Gavin Newsom Goes on Offense in Florida

Over the past couple of years, the state of Florida has gained nationwide attention. Florida’s made headlines for consistently standing for freedom and against heavy-handed mandates, lockdowns, and other restrictions that impede Americans’ freedoms.

Many other states, such as California, lambasted Florida’s refusal to completely shut everything down. Democrats were especially irate over Florida not bowing down to mask mandates or vaccine passport programs.

The success of Florida today is largely owed to the leadership of Gov. Ron DeSantis. Multiple Democrats are running to unseat DeSantis as governor later this year; however, the polls show they’re all but certain to fail.

Amid all of this, California Gov. Gavin Newsom is now inserting himself into Florida’s politics, as documented by The Hill.

What to Know About Newsom’s Involvement in Florida

On July 4, the California governor commenced running ads in Florida that attack DeSantis and claim the Sunshine State is battering freedoms.

The same governor who didn’t mind locking people down and forcing them to wear masks/take COVID vaccines (with threats of job loss and exclusion from society if they refused) claimed California believes in freedom.

Newsom’s ad likewise invites the people of Florida to relocate to California. Ironically, California has seen growing numbers of people exiting the state over the past two years, while Florida’s seen massive increases in new residents.

Since the release of this ad, DeSantis’ press secretary, Christina Pushaw, said Newsom’s work to poach Floridians ultimately isn’t going to work.

Why is Newsom Running Ads in Florida?

There has been growing talk about both DeSantis and Newsom running for president in 2024. Some Americans even stated to see both governors go toe-to-toe in a presidential election would be the showdown of the century.

With these new ads, Newsom has further contributed to speculation he may be considering a presidential run. While the California governor previously claimed to have no interest in running for the White House, varying beliefs about the matter still stand.

Since the release of Newsom’s latest ad, it’s been panned on social media. Users on Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms said the California governor should worry about the issues in his own state.

Others pointed out that Newsom’s latest shot against DeSantis isn’t going to have the impact he’s clearly going for.

The California governor’s appeal for Floridians to move to his state is not coincidental either. Last year, California hemorrhaged so many residents that it cost the state a seat in the US House of Representatives.

What are your thoughts on Newsom’s latest ad in Florida? Do you think the California governor is eventually going to try to run for president? We’d love your thoughts and takeaways on this latest development down below in the area for comments.