Gen Z Liberals Come Up With a “Cake Gender”

"rainbow cake" by Joel Kramer

Cake gender sounds like something you’d hear while listening in on an expecting woman discussing her soon-to-be child’s gender reveal party.

While those can be tacky (and dangerous in recent years!) in their own right, you’d be completely wrong to make that assumption.

See, the term “cake gender” is yet another absurd idea that the Gen Z LGBTQ community of the Chinese spy app TikTok has come up with.

Just like all the rest of them, it makes no sense to anyone lucky enough to be out of the loop.

“LGBTQ” by Quinn Dombrowski

Two is plenty, three is a crowd

The video in question describes the freshly released gender as one that people who feel “fluffy and sweet” or “warm” would identify with.

It claims the concept itself can’t be defined with standardized terminology like masculine, feminine, androgynous, etc. Much like any good cake, this “gender” also has layers.

For some god-forsaken reason, and despite using all the terms that a cake would qualify for, the person behind the video explains that it, by no means indicates a “cake” person actually identifies as cake.

Thankfully, these radical ideas are likely why no one takes the gender identity crowd seriously.

Even Twitter users, a demographic which believes anything so long it appears on their phone screen, have found a way to poke fun at the absurd new concept.

Some quipped at the original post, jokingly claiming they too feel like a confectionery, or a cake of sorts.

Others were quick to point out that ideas like this one are the reason this generation will have a tough time achieving anything in the real world.

Mass production of genders

Others, however, actually tried to dissect the concept, claiming the creator simply tried to mislabel their personality as gender.

This is a feat which has become commonplace with the LGBT crowd in recent years. They’ve made genders for everything and anything, ranging from cats to clowns, yes you read correctly, clowns.

Science class in school has clearly deteriorated when all it takes is a single post on the world’s most toxic social media platform to convince someone they’re not either male or female, the only two actual genders.

However, the “cake gender” thing isn’t anything new. It’s simply yet another attempt of the radical left to present a person’s gender as a massively malleable concept.

The issue of there now being upwards of 100 genders, with a hundred more just waiting to pop up, has remained a topic of cultural debate.

As long as liberals are allowed to peddle these nonsensical concepts to pliable young minds, there’s no end to it in sight.

Aside from deciding whether a person is a cake or a clown, the debate extends to much more pressing matters.

It includes whether biological males should be allowed access to female-only spaces, such as restrooms, showers, and locker rooms just because their left-leaning doctor performed gender reassignment surgery.