Rudy Giuliani: ‘Adams Hasn’t Done a D*mn Thing!’

"NYC Mayoral Candidate Eric Adams at the NYC heroes parade" by Billie Grace Ward

In a recent interview with the New York Post, former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani did not go easy on Mayor Eric Adams.

He dubbed Adams a “failure” for his unwillingness to downsize the Big Apple’s growing rate of violent crime during his first four months in office.

The former mayor, who served in the role between January 1994 and December 2001, also made sure to point out Adams’ social calendar.

This calendar has ranged from constant theatre premier attendances to posing at last week’s iconic Met Gala event with celebrities and millionaires.

“Rudy Giuliani” by Gage Skidmore

While Giuliani definitely wasn’t the perfect mayor himself, his stance on Adams isn’t a unique one.

Many others have also shed light on his political activity, or lack thereof, claiming him to not have done a “damn thing” since he was elected.

Giuliani earned himself the title of America’s Mayor near the end of his servitude.

He helped the city power through the horrors of 9/11, only to have half the country turn against him for his support of former President Trump.

Adams’ laissez-faire stance on violent crime

However, Giuliani’s disapproval of the current mayor isn’t misplaced.

Adams was forced to cancel multiple press events, due to his late arrival from the parties on the West Coast he’s attended.

This included a detour to watch Dave Chapelle’s “Netflix is a Joke” show, where the famous comedian was tackled on stage by an armed assailant.

Adams finally arrived back in NYC late Thursday after a “last-minute flight cancellation,” as his press team called it.

The mayor ultimately ended up missing a rally that demanded his granted permission to control the city’s education system.

As for the yearly Met Gala event, Adams was seen posing with famous musicians A$AP Rocky and Common, as well as actress Cara Delevigne.

This prompted Giuliani to assure he’d have never gone to the Met Gala until the city was under control.

He urged people to stop inviting Adams to events if he’s not competent enough to weigh the importance of plans for the city that should have been implemented months ago.

Adams’ approval rating tanks under 45%

Currently, crime in NYC is up by 38%, recording a higher rate than the one under De Blasio’s mayorship.

It’s continuing to grow throughout May, coming in at a 41% increase year-to-year, with only murders down by 14%, whereas robberies and felony assaults have spiked by 44% and 19%, respectively.

In fact, the beloved Democrat mayor’s approval rating has tanked as well, dropping by three percentage points, compared to February’s 46% approval.

This signals that New Yorkers just can’t wait around to see when Adams will finally decide to start doing his job.

He initially grasped the attention of several prominent Republican figures, due to his past as a police officer and unwillingness to feed into the nonsense that BLM was peddling over the past two years.

However, Adams’ lack of resolve and constant partying were quick to disband the intrigued right-leaning crowd.