GOP Scoops Up Latino Voters Now That Democrats’ True Face Was Shown

"Proud Boys in Raleigh (2020 Nov)" by Anthony Crider

Last week, the GOP National Committee assisted in opening a brand new Hispanic community center in Tucson, Arizona.

This leaves a positive impression on the Latino community and shows signs of the GOP making connections with the community, ahead of the upcoming elections.

Initiatives like this one are a great step in the right direction for the Republican Party. This is true now more than ever, considering the massive losses the Democrat Party is currently sustaining, leaving many minority voters disappointed with the constant false promises.

“Trump.Latinos” by mccauleys-corner

Even the Democrats are disappointed with Biden

Fortunately, the GOP never shies away from capitalizing on stuff like this. Republican Senate candidate Blake Masters believes now is the prime time to make connections with Hispanic communities across the US.

The headlines have made clear that Hispanic communities have gradually started to shift away from the Democrat Party. The same can be said for Asian communities as well, which are also starting to lean towards the right wing.

These people are also concerned with the way Biden is handling the border crisis. They’re not happy with his open border policy, as it creates an unnecessary stigma toward Latinos living in the US legally.

Much like the rest of us, they too have been impacted by the growing inflation and high gas prices. All of this can easily be pinned onto the Biden administration, which moved mountains to make things seem alright when they weren’t.

Jill Biden’s “Breakfast Tacos”

Arizona RNC communications director Ben Peterson chimed in on the topic of the community center, claiming it to be the GOP’s effort to show Hispanics their opinions are just as important as anyone else’s.

Historically, the majority of Hispanics voted Democratic. While previous Democratic presidents definitely did make some improvements to the quality of life in Latino communities, it’s hard to say Biden did the same.

If anything, the Biden administration singled out struggling minority groups and made life that much harder for them. That’s especially true for those in the lower-to-middle class, now that inflation has been peaking at never-before-seen highs since the better part of the last year.

According to a 2021 report, Biden still raked in around 61% of the overall Hispanic vote during the 2020 election; albeit that’s about to change since Hispanics have witnessed exactly how little Biden actually cares about them.

If that wasn’t enough, his wife, Jill Biden, compared Hispanics to “breakfast tacos,” which is probably the second most racist thing uttered in this country, right behind Joe Biden telling an African-American man he’s not black.

Furthermore, the economy is in desperate need of repairs. Democrats haven’t shown any proficiency when it comes to that, meaning Hispanic business owners are much more likely to rely on the GOP, rather than Democrats’ false promises, in the upcoming elections.