Harvard Cancels Feminist’s Speech Following Her Statements on the Transgender Community

"Harvard" by Niklas Tenhaef

Poetry is one of the greatest wonders produced by mankind.

We usually associate it with peace and serenity, but political correctness is a double-edged sword; it’s often those who are dead-set on enforcing it that get tangled up in their past “mistakes.”

One such “advocate” of female rights is Devin Buckley, a radical feminist whose upcoming speech on British Romanticism at Harvard was canceled by the institution, due to her previous anti-transgender opinions.

As per usual, turncoats like Devin are in high-ranking positions within their respective organizations.

She took the role of a board member in the Women’s Liberation Front, which is toxic in its own right, due to its blatant sexism in both its goals and methods.

Can’t play both sides of the field

The organization aims to bring an end to the wave of “male violence” through a radical shift away from normalized gender roles and stereotypes.

“Students Protest Anti-Trans Law” by Phil Roeder

While this view does seem somewhat forced, the organization does stand for sex segregation in domestic violence shelters and prisons for women.

However, Harvard chose to take a stand once it came to the matter of sex segregation in women’s sports, bathrooms, and locker rooms.

This stand also just so happens to be a concept that the LGBTQ community has been trying to shatter for a very long time.

With opposing stances like this, the situation was quick to turn into a head-to-head battle of the wokes. The TERF community once again clashed with the LGBTQ and their supporters.

An employee from the English Department at Harvard University contacted Devin via email, informing her the public stances she took through involvement with WoLF are considered dangerous and deceptive by the institution.

Are historical figures in danger?

The email goes on to explain their decision to deny her the formal invitation wasn’t due to Devin’s personal convictions, but rather the fact she’s based her entire professional career around it.

Harvard said while they can’t work with her now, Harvard would love to extend an invitation for any future engagements.

Naturally, Devin wasn’t too impressed with their response. She claimed the move to be a classic case of deplatforming an academic, due to political reasons, rather than the actual work they’ve done in the field.

She went on to demand that Harvard purges their libraries and museums of all personas who hold views unacceptable to the institution, pointing at numerous “homophobes and racistsu on the university’s library shelves.

The WoLF organization also tried to pull out of the PR chaos that would ensue, assuring they only consider “some trans-identifying males” as dangerous if placed into women’s prisons on account of them possibly being predatory in nature.