Highlights of Trump’s Rally in Delaware, Ohio

On Saturday evening, President Donald Trump delivered a scathing attack on Joe Biden and his floundering government at his massive rally in Delaware, Ohio.

He didn’t hold back, either!

“We’re taking a stand on some of the most sinister forces, special interests, and brutal opponents our folks have ever seen or battled against,” Trump said at his rally, which was broadcast live on Newsmax.

“Despite the huge forces and dangers from abroad, our greatest threat continues to be the sick, dangerous, and terrible people who exist within our own borders.”

“Regardless of how huge and strong these corrupt radicals become, you must never lose sight of the fact this country doesn’t at all belong to them.”

“You are the rightful owner of this country. This is your residence. The freedom you enjoy as a citizen of the United States is a God-given right, as is your heritage.”

Trump took specific aim at Biden’s recent troubles and embarrassing moments.

Trump Speaks Out More About Biden

According to Trump, “We have a president who, unfortunately, has absolutely no understanding of what the hell is going on right now.”

“He’s making a fist and shaking his fists with the air. He’s wandering around, looking a little befuddled.”

Trump referred to an incident Monday in which the Easter Bunny attempted to divert the president’s attention away from addressing reporters’ questions.

“You should be aware the Easter Bunny was indeed a political strategist in his day. He actually performed a pretty excellent job, for a person his age.”

“That somebody should be hired. He did an excellent job. ‘No, no, don’t talk, don’t talk, don’t talk, don’t talk to those folks,'” he said.

“This is all being done while [Vladimir] Putin will do nothing except threaten to use nuclear weapons and annihilate the entire planet. In our country, we have a lot of problems with our signals. We have never experienced anything like this before.”

Trump slammed the “energy war” that Biden was conducting in the United States at the same time as Russia is launching wars on Ukraine.

“We are being run by a psychotic gang of zealots who are engaged in a deceitful battle against American power and Ohio power,” Trump continued.

More on Trump’s Remarks

While the Biden administration has sought to blame the rise in gas prices on Putin’s war in Ukraine, Trump pointed out his government did not face the difficulties the Biden cabinet has on a daily basis.

Trump said that there had been “almost no inflation.”

The Biden administration is experiencing the biggest inflation in 47 years, and it is expected to continue to rise further. This is costing households $6,000 per year. That is a larger sum than any tax hike that has ever been suggested.