Hilarious! Kamala Can’t Take Some Well-Placed Criticism!

In an interview she’d done for Boston Public Radio, Senator Elizabeth Warren answered several questions regarding her opinions on the idea of Biden running for re-election in 2024.

However, instead of endorsing Vice President Harris, Sen. Warren stopped just short of it, claiming she’d like to see the two work as a team before the time comes for yet another Biden-Harris ticket.

Warren had a thing or two to say about the Biden-Harris 2024 ticket, Harris isn’t having it

Unfortunately, Kamala can’t take a joke, let alone a friend’s remarks about the way she’s doing her job. She was certainly not happy to be seen as inferior to Joe, at least by Elizabeth.

Immediately after the interview, Warren issued a statement to GBH News, correcting herself and claiming she’s in full support of a Biden-Harris ticket in 2024.

Despite the several apologies she extended to Harris, Warren has yet to hear from the vice president. Although she did get her calls answered by Harris’ chief of staff, Lorraine Voles, who claimed Warren’s comments to have been “pretty insulting.”

Currently, Harris’ circle is infuriated with the remarks Warren made about Harris’ capabilities, especially considering the fact Harris never received the praise or respect she “deserves.”

While we’re all well aware of what Harris has truly accomplished ever since she was signed into office, she seems to be delusional about her achievements. The years of negativity surrounding her may just become a political problem for the Democrat Party, come election season.

VP Harris gunning for a presidential spot

It’s hard to say what Kamala would be bringing to the table as a potential presidential candidate. She’s exhibited behaviors similar to Biden’s and her negligence of important matters in the US is nothing to sneeze at either.

No matter how you look at it, Kamala has never once shown that she truly cares for this country or all of its people. Every single one of her endeavors has either been in favor of the corrupt BLM organization or an attempt at salvaging relationships with other countries.

The very fact that she took a trip across the Pacific to address an issue at the Korean border, while our southern border was taking on millions of illegal immigrants is demoralizing, to say the least, making her the worst possible pick for Democrats to go with in 2024.

Her poll numbers tell the same story. She’s been butting shoulders with Joe ever since the two proved how ineffective they are at doing their jobs: Kamala with her lack of experience and Joe with his age that’s clearly becoming a major issue.

Of course, the Democrats may have a much more capable candidate in the works; the Biden-Harris ticket may be nothing more than a diversion to keep the GOP guessing.

Unfortunately for them, the Republican lineup is definitely one for the ages. With both Trump and DeSantis as potential candidates, we’re more than ready for anything the Democrats have to throw at us.