House GOP Reveals Shocking Intel on the FBI

The FBI has come under increasing scrutiny in recent years. Many Americans hold concerns about corruption in the agency. There is also a strong perception that the FBI shows favoritism and picks and chooses which people it wants to investigate.

This view isn’t limited to the FBI, however. As a matter of fact, countless folks across the country believe there is a two-tiered justice system, with one existing for the wealthy and well-connected, while the other exists for everyday people.

On the heels of this, a report from Just the News reveals fresh insight into the FBI’s alleged conduct behind the scenes.

What Did House Republicans Discover?

According to the House GOP, members of the FBI have been trying to sneak undercover agents within the Catholic Church. Apparently, these efforts are allegedly happening so the FBI can root out potential radicals within the faith.

Rep. Jim Jordan, the chairman of the House Select Subcommittee, went into explicit detail about this. According to Jordan, the FBI is pulling as many strings as possible to find out about anything it deems to be “suspicious.”

As a result of these findings, the director of the FBI, Christopher Wray, has been given a subpoena. This subpoena is designed to give House Republicans more information about whether the FBI’s actions remain within its legal parameters.

What Comes Next?

GOP lawmakers have been very clear that they intend to get to the bottom of how the federal government is being weaponized against the American people. Rep. Jordan is far from the only one who is in this fight.

Right now, it remains to be seen what comes of the subpoena that was just served to the FBI. Americans can also expect GOP House members to continue investigating this matter and keeping the rest of the nation up to speed.

This article appeared in New Vision News and has been published here with permission.