Hunter Biden Mired in $120 Million Oil Affair with China, Kazakhstan

(Hunter Biden selfie from one of his lost laptops)

Hunter Biden, son of Joe Biden, has gotten himself tangled up in so many scandals it’s really hard to keep track of all of them.

Yet, a fresh report has exposed a previously unknown affair in which Hunter Biden worked on a $120 million oil deal.

This deal involved highly questionable actors from communist China and the former Soviet Central Asian nation of Kazakhstan.

Murky Kazakh Politician and Chinese State Firm under US Sanctions

Hunter’s massive oil affair involving murky figures from both China and Kazakhstan has been exposed in a report based on his emails obtained by The Daily Mail.

The affair refers to the period of 2014-2015 when Hunter Biden was, for whatever reason, employed by Ukrainian natural gas company Burisma with a monthly salary of $50,000.

The leaked emails show that Hunter Biden teamed up with a former Prime Minister of Kazakhstan in order to strike a massive oil pipeline deal with a Chinese state company, which is presently under US sanctions.

Hunter Biden’s partner in the venture was Karim Massimov, who held the second-highest office in the former Soviet republic, from 2007 until 2012, and from 2014 until 2016.

Since 2016, he had been the head of Kazakhstan’s National Security Committee; last month, he was deposed and is now to be sued for treason.

However, his and Massimov’s wannabe Chinese partner, in that case, was no other than a company called the “State China National Offshore Oil Corporations” (SCNOOC).

In 2020, the US government under the Trump administration slapped major sanctions on that same Chinese company, which is one of the largest oil businesses in communist China.

(Snapshot from video from Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop leaked by The Daily Mail)

Hunter Wanted to Advance Chinese Interests

Hunter Biden’s very involvement in Burisma is already extremely suspicious and even scandalous; he tried to rake in millions by serving China’s oil interests, energy, and economic expansionism in the oil-rich region of Central Asia.

The report points out the Chinese state company wooed by Joe Biden’s son, SCNOOS, spent years trying to secure a breakthrough for itself in oil-rich Kazakhstan, which the company’s CFO called a “second Middle East”.

In 2013, when China’s current communist autocrat, Xi Jinping, came to power, his “Belt and Road Initiative” for expanding China’s geopolitical and commercial influence abroad grew largely through infrastructure building and commerce.

That was precisely when Hunter Biden got involved, seeking to build an oil pipeline from Southern Kazakhstan to China.

Under the deal Joe Biden’s family was trying to broker, the government of Kazakhstan was supposed to grant the Chinese state oil company SCNOOC oil drilling rights.

Meanwhile, Hunter’s Ukrainian employer Burisma was supposed to operate the oil wells and rigs, while the oil was to be shipped off directly to China via a large-scale pipeline.

The $120 oil affair, which would have advanced China’s interests tremendously, appears to not have materialized.