Hunter Biden’s Laptop Password: “an*lf*ck69”

"Hunter Biden - Caricature" by DonkeyHotey

It’s always been hilarious that President Joe Biden referred to his son Hunter Biden as “the smartest person he knows.”

That’s especially true if we take Hunter’s drug-riddled past and series of immoral acts that were discovered through a thorough examination of his laptop.

In fact, Hunter went as far as setting the password on the device to “an*lf*ck69.” This is improper for a man of his age, especially considering his background and occupation.

The information was obtained through excerpts from John Paul Mac Isaac’s book titled “American Injustice: My Battle to Expose The Truth.”

This book looks to describe in full detail how the political elite teamed up with the FBI to save the president’s son’s reputation.

“Joe Biden with Hunter Biden” by Louise Palanker

Laptop repairman’s book reveals inappropriate passwords

Hunter appeared at Mac Isaac’s shop in April 2019.

The prodigal son delivered his laptop in an intoxicated state, slurring his words while asking for the repairman to restore the information on the device, only to walk out the door and never return again.

When Isaac powered up one of the laptops, he was presented with a password prompt. Upon requesting it from his customer, he says Hunter broke into laughter, telling him it’s “an*lf*ck69.”

Upon noting the customer was clearly inebriated, he offered to unlock the laptop himself. Although an external keyboard would be required, given the fact the device’s failed keyboard was the initial reason for the repairs.

He offered him one laying around the shop so Hunter could do the task himself, free of charge, only requiring him to bring back the plug-in keyboard once he was done.

Red scarf and jockstrap

Unfortunately for Hunter, he was not up for the task.

It fell on Isaac to dig through the laptop himself, which he described as being “chock-full” of pornographic materials, among which was a picture of Hunter in his birthday suit, covered with nothing more than a red scarf and a jockstrap.

Upon further inspection, he discovered a file named “income pdf.”

This contained an e-mail from January 2017 where Hunter’s income from the years 2013, 2014, and 2015 was recorded as $833k, $1,2M, and $2.47M, respectively.

Isaac claims to have been baffled by how someone with that much money couldn’t spend a little extra on a backup drive for his personal computer.

Apart from the document being shady from the get-go, the pairing of questionable payroll documents and copious amounts of pornographic, incriminating photographs would have many wondering who this eccentric person really was.

Currently, almost all of the photographs and videos from the 2019 incident are nowhere to be found, signaling that greater powers were at play when it came to covering Hunter’s tracks.

It doesn’t take a world-class detective to put two and two together and realize his father, Joe Biden, was behind the coverup.