Hunter Biden’s Potential Corruption and Abuse of Power

The GOP’s inquiry into potential influence peddling by the Biden family has led to a request for a meeting with a former politician from Serbia with connections to both Hunter Biden and the Chinese Communist Party.

Former UN Official May Have Linked Hunter Biden to CCP

According to Republican Congressman James Comer, Vuk Jeremic, the previous president of the General Assembly of the United Nations, reportedly introduced Hunter Biden to an energy company that had connections to the Chinese Communist Party in 2015.

During this period, Hunter Biden was serving as a “consultant.”

He was receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars in annual payments for facilitating business deals by connecting businessmen linked to Beijing with political figures globally.

As the head of the House Committee on Oversight and Accountability, Congressman James Comer has now requested that Vuk Jeremic either submit all documents pertaining to any business transactions he had with Hunter Biden and the Biden family or appear for an interview to discuss the matter.

Congressman James Comer stated to a news outlet that Vuk Jeremic is a significant witness in their ongoing inquiry into Joe Biden’s potential involvement in his family’s domestic and international business dealings.

Comer believes that Jeremic’s previous statements regarding business associations with individuals involved in global bribery activities are cause for concern.

He suggest there may be evidence indicating the Biden family and their associates engaged in influence peddling and selling access to individuals affiliated with the Chinese Communist Party.

Comer has emphasized the importance of the investigation into potential compromises by President Biden with foreign adversaries, as it poses a significant risk to national security.

Oversight Committee Seeks to Uncover Potential Corruption

The Oversight Committee aims to uphold transparency and accountability in uncovering instances of waste, fraud, and abuse that may have occurred at the highest levels of government.

In this regard, the documents and information that Vuk Jeremic possesses are critical to the success of the inquiry.

The letter cites evidence that suggests Jeremic had established a business relationship with Hunter Biden and his associates and was in communication with them regarding Chairman Ye and CEFC.

The letter also reveals that the Oversight Committee is aware of Jeremic’s attempt on December 6, 2015, while Joe Biden was still serving in the White House, to present Chairman Ye Jianming and CEFC to Hunter Biden and his coworkers.

Under new GOP leadership, several panels in the House of Representatives have pledged to thoroughly investigate Hunter Biden’s foreign business activities and whether Joe Biden used his influence to benefit himself and his business associates.

The Oversight Committee is just one of these panels; they are committed to uncovering any instances of potential corruption, conflicts of interest, or abuse of power that may have occurred.

This article appeared in Right Wing Insider and has been published here with permission.