International Operation Leads to Multiple Arrests

These days, there’s quite a bit of tension pertaining to the Chinese government and its disposition towards the West, notably the United States. For quite some time, China has gone the route of choosing hostility over cordialities.

Meanwhile, China is also teaming up with other nations that remain extremely hostile towards America, such as Russia.

The problems with China aren’t strictly limited to overseas affairs though. In fact, an operation in New York City that is connected to China led to multiple arrests, per Fox News.

Dangerous Times in New York City?

Both Chen Jinping and Lu Jianwang have been arrested and charged with acting as foreign operatives via managing a secret Chinese police station in New York. Jinping and Jianwang likewise stand accused of breaching US sovereignty and even using this police station to surveil at least one American citizen.

American authorities have also rightfully pointed out the hypocrisy of these acts. If undercover US operatives were caught running a secret American police station in China, this wouldn’t be tolerated at all.

According to the Justice Department, this latest discovery poses serious problems for our country’s national security.

What Else is Happening?

This latest discovery of a Chinese police station operating in New York City is very scary, to say the least. Moreover, it raises reasonable questions about what else could be potentially going on that has yet to be discovered.

Just in February, China got caught placing at least one spy balloon over US airspace. The communist regime would later lash out against the United States after our government officials promptly downed the balloon.

If anything, this latest stunt pulled by Jinping and Jianwang shows that America has to be extremely vigilant and careful. There’s no doubt that China and potentially other nations with an ax to grind against the West have more plans in store.

This article appeared in The Conservative Brief and has been published here with permission.