Jim Banks and Marco Rubio Team Up to Prevent Funding of CCP-Linked Confucius Institutes

Indiana Rep. Jim Banks teamed up with Senator Marco Rubio in closing the many loopholes the Biden administration created to make it possible for the Department of Defense to fund CCP-linked institutes in the US.

The act, abbreviated as SPIES, would expand the prohibition on funding for foreign institutes in our nation.

Taxpayer dollars directly into commie pockets

With this act, the Department of Defense would, starting October 1st, no longer be able to fund any US institution hosting a Confucius Institute. That’s unless they applied for a waiver directly from the Secretary of Defense.

With the SPIES Act, Banks and Rubio aim to push the NDAA to remove the waivers and expand the prohibition for funding these institutions, including US educational institutions overseas.

Banks stated there’s no reason for us to make it easier for the CCP to spy on US universities, our students, and our government.

If we safeguard American research in a way that prevents DOD funds from going to universities affiliated with the CCP, we’ll be able to protect our national security and employ something that should’ve been a common sense from the start.

A weather balloon had to fly over the entirety of mainland US for it to be classified as a spy device and be shot down; yet, we’re giving the CCP direct insight into research at our institutions.

Chinese spy operations in US institutions

US taxpayer dollars shouldn’t be benefiting the CCP in any way, shape, or form. The fact we’re even discussing whether the Department of Defense should be funding institutes hosting anything related to the CCP is absurd.

The Confucius Institutes, which are run from Beijing, spread incredible amounts of propaganda on college campuses in the US. There’s no justification as to why the CCP should be funding these institutions.

Banks announced the bill in House on Wednesday this week. Rubio is planning on introducing his accompanying legislation in Senate as soon as possible.

The guidance document the Department of Defense issued in March this year outlines how any university can receive DOD funding without closing any Confucius Institutes on campus.

It’s almost as if the past couple of years weren’t enough proof that China is conducting spy operations on US grounds. The fact they nearly collapsed the housing market is only one piece of evidence supporting it.

Banks’ and Rubio’s efforts will be remembered. If the legislation is passed, they will have effectively prevented any further spy operations on US grounds the CCP was planning.