Joe Struggles With Simple Condolences for the Queen

"Joe Biden" by Gage Skidmore

Earlier this week, during his visit to Washington’s British Embassy, US President Joe Biden was expected to pay his respects to Britain’s longest reigning monarch, following her death.

Even though this is a routine gesture for the commander-in-chief, he was caught taking out a card to write from.

The US has shared decades of warm friendship with the entirety of Queen Elizabeth’s realm. Whereas senile old Joe managed to embarrass both himself and our entire country with his actions, or lack thereof, depending on how you look at it.

“Joe Biden” by GPA Photo Archive

Biden needed cheat sheet to sign late Queen Elizabeth’s condolence book

While this is certainly not the first or last time Biden’s had trouble memorizing some of his lines, a certain amount of decency is expected at ceremonies like these. He just might not be up to the task anymore.

Instead of writing down his earnest thoughts and wishes for the late Queen, President Biden instead chose to write down a generic message of kind wishes from a card, likely given to him by the same team that controls his other public appearances.

A video of him signing the card didn’t do much to show us what he actually wrote though. Every word he’d written down was practically indecipherable, akin to something a child would scrawl in their notebook.

Many Twitter users pointed out they’d make their child rewrite copy work if it was done this poorly. While his “handwriting” can definitely be attributed to his old age, there are no excuses for the lack of original thought he showed.

No sign of original thought

This came barely a month after reports showed Biden always carries a series of notes around with him.

These notes are telling him where to go, what to say, who to greet, and whatnot, with the instructions being so simplistic that everyone began to doubt Biden’s cognitive abilities after the reveal.

The notecard contained instructions like “YOU take YOUR seat,” making it clear they were intended for Biden, just in case he began to wander around or chose to take someone else’s seat.

The most challenging of these instructions was likely the one telling him to ask Liz Shuler a set of questions, given the president’s inability to stick to one topic without going off on a completely unrelated tangent within a matter of seconds.

This goes hand in hand with Biden’s own comments about the administration being mad at him if he chooses to speak to reporters for too long, likely because of the plethora of press conference gaffes he’s had.

Naturally, just like every time so far, Twitter tore into Biden over his message for the Queen, claiming his constant need for instructions is a clear indicator of how “strong” the US actually is under his rule.

The person behind these instruction cards remains an unknown variable though. Whereas it’s crystal clear Biden is just a puppet, executing orders from above, especially if we take note of the significant amount of medication he’s taking.