Kamala is Shifting Immigration-Related Responsibilities onto Congress!

After three years of effectively reducing the number of immigrants that fly into the country, Trump-era policy Title 42 has come to an end last week. Democrats couldn’t be happier.

At a fundraising event for the state of Georgia’s Democratic Party, Vice President Kamala Harris brought up the subject of the border crisis. She was breaking her silence on the policy and giving everyone insight into what goes on inside her head.

Biden administration can’t own up to mistakes

To no one’s surprise, the answer is not a whole lot.

Harris went on to claim the responsibility of dealing with the immigration issue we’re facing falls onto the US Congress, rather than her and Joe who brought us into this mess.

In an interview with Channel 2 Action News, Harris answered a number of questions, including one that was more of a statement than a question. The reporter merely claimed it was deplorable for her to be in Georgia while the border is in a state of chaos.

On top of dealing with a migrant crisis, we’re also dealing with an energy crisis and an incoming recession. For some reason, the best thing the dynamic duo from the White House can come up with in these trying times is a charity event for their own party.

This only goes to show just how desperate Democrats have become and just how detached from reality some of them can be.

Harris forgets what her job is

In fact, Harris couldn’t have been more wrong in claiming Congress was to be responsible for the immigration of illegal aliens. She’d been tasked with leading any efforts at the US southern border all the way back in March 2021.

Now that Title 42 is no more, border states can expect an incredible surge in migration, which could spell disaster for the cities that will be taking the onslaught head-on.

It remains unclear what Joe and Kamala are planning to do with the border. With every passing day, the situation grows worse, with tens of thousands of immigrants flowing in.