“Let’s Go Brandon” Makes a Comeback at Missouri Wrestling Tournament

It seems that being called Brandon in the year 2023 can get you in a lot of trouble, at least if the liberals are concerned. They went out of their way to criticize a bunch of kids at a wrestling tournament showing support for their friend.

Of course, the left decided to spin this story into something a bit more interesting for the average snowflake, claiming it to be the height of indoctrination, despite there being no evidence of anything related to Sleepy Joe.

Children at Missouri national wrestling tournament chanted “Let’s go, Brandon”

This was to be expected from a bunch of terminally-online liberals. They fail to comprehend that people can actually be called Brandon without it being related to some anti-Biden chant that’s practically two years old at this point.

The video was posted to Twitter by Missouri state Rep. Aaron McMullen, who may have aided in creating the confusion; although he wasn’t wrong in saying the youth is still showing some amount of hope.

It depicts a bunch of youth chanting “Let’s go Brandon” in unison while slamming their hands on the wrestling mat at Adidas Wrestling Nationals in Missouri.

Naturally, the Twitter response was mixed, with many being against the inclusion of children in some sort of political agenda; although it’s difficult to say whether the kids were merely showing support for their friend.

Blue Missouri executive director Jessica Piper was particularly upset by the video, claiming the children to have been indoctrinated by the coach and their parents.

CRT in schools is okay, but “Let’s Go Brandon” isn’t?

However, she would also go on to criticize conservative figures for taking a stand against woke content in the nation’s classrooms, claiming the stories were completely fabricated.

Piper tried to convince her followers and everyone else who saw McMullen’s post that the right is throwing teachers under the bus when they’re actually the ones indoctrinating our nation’s youngest generations.

What Piper couldn’t grasp was it was probably just some kids having fun at a competition. It likely had nothing to do with the iconic FJB chant, which was quickly transformed into the Let’s Go Brandon we all know and love.

Of course, including children in one’s political agenda is a no-go and the majority of conservative figures are well aware of this.

Sadly, the same thing can’t be said for the left, as they’re ever so eager on promoting their child-friendly drag shows and progressive topics in classrooms, neither of which are something a sane person would see as acceptable.