Liberal New York Times Journalist Gets All His Dreams Dashed

The New York Times is one of the top newspapers in the United States. Its leftist perspectives and reporting influences millions of people, including the lawmakers in Congress.

One of its top columnists – who recently retired – is a man by the name of Nick Kristof. This guy is an environment-obsessed, anti-gun liberal who loves to spread his views through the NYT’s pages in return for big bucks.

Kristof, however, wasn’t satisfied with sticking to scribbling for people over their morning lattes. He wanted to hold elected office and decided to run for governor back in his home state of Oregon.

Now, Kristof has received some very bad news about his dream.

Kristof Gets Kicked to the Curb

Oregon is a far-left state that’s legalized drugs and gone off the deep end in many ways under Democrat Governor Kate Brown. Nonetheless, the Beaver State does still have a state Constitution and laws that need to be followed.

One of those is about who can run for governor. Specifically, they need to be a resident of Oregon. Sounds fair, right? The problem with Kristof is he’s not a resident of Oregon anymore.

Ever since he announced his run three months ago, people were pointing out he lives in New York.

Now Oregon’s Secretary of State, Shemia Fagan, has ruled these criticisms are correct. Kristof is barred from running for governor in Oregon because he “clearly” doesn’t satisfy the “requirement” to be a candidate.

For a supposedly smart columnist, you’d think Kristof would have realized he can’t just lie about where he lives. Even a liberal state like Oregon isn’t just going to eat that up when Kristof has been voting and living in New York.

Kristof Won’t be Running

Despite trying to argue that owning property in Oregon and thinking of it as home makes him a resident, Fagan’s ruling means he’s out of the race.

This case is interesting chiefly because it shows the way many leftists consider themselves to be above the rules of our democratic system.

Kristof was a voter in New York for over two decades before registering at the end of December 2020 to vote in Oregon.

He wanted to pull off a quick change in mid-lane in order to try running back in Oregon, despite having paid taxes in the Empire State up until 2021.

Fagan said she and her office were not impressed by Kristof thinking a “different standard” should be used to evaluate his right to run.

Kristof was very aware that Oregon requires candidates for political office to have been residents of the state for at least three years before running.

He fails to meet the requirement; yet, he still thought if he complained and talked about owning property in Oregon, they’d change the rules for him.

Here’s the Funniest Part

Kristof left his job at the NYT in October 2021 to run for office. Now, he’s out of a job and his dream of running has run dry.

What will he do now? Maybe he can make a Green New Deal with himself and open a kale smoothie cafe in Manhattan.