Liz Cheney is Considering a Run For President

Who doesn’t remember Liz Cheney? She is a neoconservative Republican leader who led the support for Trump’s impeachment.

Her main motivation was because she did not agree with his America First foreign policy at the time.

Cheney wants more wars and more globalist funding to push this country into the World Economic Forum’s vision. Towards that goal, she’s also considering running for president in 2024.

Does Cheney Have a Path?

Cheney has been leading the charge after the events of January 6 and even sits on the J6 committee to try to put Trump in jail.

She has suffered several death threats, forcing her to invest nearly $60,000 in private security since J6. She is correctly seen as one of the ringleaders to prevent Trump from running again and destroying the America First movement.

Since then, Cheney has called herself a savior of the Republican Party and is thinking seriously about running for president in 2024.

Since taking over as vice president of the House Select Committee in the January 6 attack, Cheney never stopped criticizing the party she belongs to.

When Russia invaded Ukraine back in February, Cheney even criticized the pro-Trump wing of the Republican Party as being pro-Putin.

She is clearly trying to mount some kind of flanking comeback around the Trump movement, but her path to the presidency is almost non-existent looking at polling.

So, what is this about?

Win Wyoming First, Liz

Cheney can’t even win her home state; so perhaps she should focus on that before getting her aspirations up. Her principal opponent, Harriet Hageman, is a candidate who has full support from Trump and also from much of the Republican Party.

Cheney’s stance and all her criticism of Trump are driving her toward the precipice to which she will have a big fall. This will all become clear in the August 16 primary in Wyoming.

It’s quite possible that Cheney loses by a wide margin, in which case any of this pre-buzz about running for president will be quickly dismissed as it should be.

In contrast, members of Cheney’s team believe this race will be favorable for the possible 2024 run and help set the stage for an anti-Trump GOP candidacy that differentiates her more sharply from more pro-Trump candidates like Ron DeSantis of Florida.

Seeing Through the Lies

We’re supposed to believe anti-Trump people will line up behind Liz and back her run, but it’s highly unlikely.

Cheney always refuses to clearly say whether or not she might run, but it’s obvious she hogs the limelight and wants to make as big of a splash as she can.

If Cheney runs, she’s going to be in for a nasty surprise. Even many people who don’t support Trump can still see right through her lies and self-centered attitude, pretending to be principled and noble.

If she’s so set on being a hypocritical “moralist,” why doesn’t Cheney run for the Democrats? She may have a lot more success there!

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.