Major Reported Changes Are Coming to Twitter

Ever since businessman Elon Musk bought Twitter late last year, the platform has seen some significant changes.

For starters, Musk restored the accounts of many who were suspended by Twitter’s previous management. The new Twitter owner also made changes to the platform’s checkmark system and added a feature that lets users see how many times their tweets have been viewed.

Many Democrats have criticized how Musk is managing Twitter, stating the platform needs to have more controls and censorship filters to keep unsavory characters at bay.

Nevertheless, Musk has been clear that he’s going to operate Twitter in the manner that he sees fit. Though reported changes coming to the platform’s checkmark system are sure to be controversial, as documented by Deadline.

A New Day at Twitter?

A recent change to the platform’s checkmark system saw gold checkmarks added as sort of a tier of checkmark above the standard blue ones. When this first went into effect, some Twitter users called it confusing and unnecessary.

However, reports now indicate that businesses will soon be hit with a $1,000 monthly charge in order to hold onto their gold checkmarks.

On top of this, affiliate accounts that want verification status on Twitter are also reportedly looking at a $50 monthly fee. Even Twitter users with blue checkmarks are currently mandated to pay an $8 monthly fee in order to keep this verification status.

Not Going Over Well?

Suffice it to say, news has quickly spread about gold check Twitter users soon having to cough up $1,000 per month. Many social media users, especially those on Twitter, haven’t hesitated to weigh in on this, with criticism being the most common response.

Many people believe charging a fee this high just to keep a gold checkmark on Twitter is not reasonable. Others believe that some businesses with gold checkmarks aren’t going to be willing to cough up this much money each month.

Critics of Musk also continue to warn that he is running Twitter into the ground with his decisions regarding the platform. Some folks have stated Musk needs to bring on an advisory team that can keep him from making what they believe to be bad decisions.

In the meantime, if Twitter does go through with charging its users $1,000 per month to keep their gold checkmarks, it remains to be seen how this all pans out. Ultimately, businesses on the platform will have the final say of whether or not this is a fee they’re willing to pay each month.

Do you think businesses on Twitter will be inclined to pay $1,000 per month just to keep gold checkmarks on their accounts? Do you think this policy will backfire? In the comments area below, please let us know.

This article appeared in Watch Dog News and has been published here with permission.