Marvel Introducing Two New Transgender Heroes

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When you hear the term “trans superhero,” it’s highly likely you’ll assume it’s yet another one of those genders the LGBT community keeps coming up with on a daily basis.

If that’s the case, you couldn’t be more wrong. For once, the term actually means what it says, but it doesn’t make it any less out-of-place.

Of the two new characters Marvel Comics is introducing to their universe, one is the most blatant self-insert that the industry has seen in recent times.

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Another self-insert character from a transgender writer

The “heroes” in question are Shela Sexton and Morgan Red.

Marvel announced that the series, titled “Escapade,” will be an “intense, yet personal mission” on the alien planet of Krakoa in a special Pride comic.

A press release by Marvel claims the dynamic duo is professional thieves, stealing from corrupt organizations.

If you’re waiting to hear the iconic Robin Hood trope of “giving it to the poor” next, you’re not in luck.

In fact, if you actually decide to pick up this comic for some godforsaken reason, you’ll find it does little to develop these characters as intricate, complicated human beings.

Instead, it just focuses on the fact that both Sexton and Red are transgender individuals with all the bells and whistles the community’s representatives usually come with.

Furthermore, even their powers, and in Red’s case, lack of powers, are largely uninspired and boring. Sexton is able to transform into a person standing close enough to her, whereas Red is just described as being “tech-savvy.”

Anders’ laughable publication history

Anders, the author of the comic, claims to be an avid Marvel fan. However, the author seems to know little about comic writing or story writing in general.

This is further denoted by the fact she advocates for diversity, but created a story where both of the main characters are transgender, with an entire community of transgender mutants following them.

She describes the character’s gender identities as one of the key points of the story.

It’s safe to say the entire comic will likely be another one of the LGBT community’s sad attempts at peddling their agenda to minors and young adults.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the only piece of writing Anders has worked on. The world has seen dozens of her creations, starting with her first publication “Choir Boy” which was published in 2005, only four years after the start of her transition.

After dozens of subpar books and short stories, she even published one where Donald Trump governed a dystopian world for transgender people.

This, in all fairness, would take copious amounts of the devil’s lettuce to come up with.

The most recent creation, “Escapade” is set to release on June 22nd in “Marvel’s Voices: Pride”, a first-and-hopefully-last-of-its-kind comic book.