Massachusetts Mother Does the Unspeakable to Her Three Children

After a protracted battle with stress and depression, Lindsay Clancy was enjoying one the happiest times in her life before she was suspected of murdering her three kids, according to her spouse.

Shocking Murders

According to authorities, Patrick Clancy told investigators that his spouse had been grinning and glad earlier during the day. Following that, his kids were strangled on January 24 at the family’s Massachusetts residence.

In Plymouth District Court on Tuesday, Lindsay Clancy was indicted on charges related to their murders. She tried to commit suicide and is still hospitalized. She participated in the court proceeding through a video link.

According to Assistant District Attorney Jennifer Sprague in the courtroom, Lindsay Clancy had brought her five-year-old daughter Cora to the physician on the day of the murders for an examination.

The healthcare experts there did not observe anything unusual about Lindsay Clancy’s behavior. She constructed a snowman with Cora and three-year-old Dawson when they got home, sending pictures of it via her cellphone to her mom and her spouse, according to Sprague.

However, the day took a disastrous turn when Patrick Clancy left the home at his spouse’s suggestion to get drugs and food for the kids.

After attempting to commit suicide, his wife was found by him when he got home, according to Sprague. When the couple’s three small kids were discovered choked with workout straps in the cellar, Patrick Clancy was heard screaming in horror and disbelief on a 911 call.

That night, Cora and Dawson were reported to have died at a hospital; eight-month-old Callan passed away there three days later.

Three charges of smothering or asphyxiation and two charges of homicide are brought against 32-year-old Lindsay Clancy. Tuesday, she submitted a not-guilty plea on her behalf.

On Tuesday, the prosecution asked she be detained without bail. They denied the assertions made by her lawyer claiming she was in a zombie-like state and overmedicated with psychiatric medications, including antidepressants.

She had to choke each one of them and make certain the straps were tightening around their tiny necks for a few minutes after that, Sprague added. She had the chance to alter her decision at any time, but she chose not to.

Lindsay Clancy made her initial public appearance following the murders of her kids during the indictment in a trial that District Judge John Canavan III called both horrible and tragic.

She participated virtually from the Massachusetts hospital that has not been identified where she had treatment; she was dressed in a mask and what seemed like a neck brace.

Lindsey Still Hospitalized

In addition to breaking her back and ribs even during an attempted suicide, the defendant also suffered spinal cord damage, according to defense lawyer Kevin Reddington. This left his client immobilized below the waistline.

She is still under constant constant watch, he claimed. She is quite sensitive. Nevertheless, she has never been able to grieve, smile, or display delight, Reddington added.

This article appeared in The Patriot Brief and has been published here with permission.