Metropolitan Police Announces Use of Controversial Technique to Crack Down on Crime

Violent crime in London has been on the rise for an extended period of time; the Metropolitan Police decided to employ an intelligence-led stop-and-search strategy.

This latest strategy is expected to focus on an evidence-based approach, like creating policing hotspots that will reduce violent crime and prevent anti-social behavior in certain areas.

London cracks down on violent crime

Since the Metropolitan Police designated one of these areas as a hotspot, a plan will be devised as a means of dealing with the issue on a local level, with the police deploying drug dogs, community events, and a stop-and-search strategy.

The city’s mayor defended the use of the strategy. He is fending off the woke critics claiming it’ll disproportionally target blacks and minorities in the city, with Khan explaining that it’s an integral part of the police’s armory.

“Disproportional targeting” of minority groups raises concerns

Government statistics do show some signs of stop and search potentially being used to target black and minority communities and individuals; although this amounts to nothing more than speculation.

At the end of the day, the police have to do their job; the fact that there are restrictions on when they’re allowed to use this “controversial” strategy is alarming, to say the least.

The woke mob ingrained itself so deeply into every aspect of our lives.

We’ve reached a point where police aren’t allowed to do their jobs because it could impact a certain demographic “disproportionally,” even though there’s little to no evidence of that happening.

With the help of Operation Nightingale, local law enforcement will gather intelligence on the area, which will help them understand crime in the area better and deploy better anti-crime strategies.

It remains to be seen whether or not these new measures ensure that London is a safer, better place for people.