Middle-schoolers Face Sexual Harassment Charges for “Misgendering” Classmate

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It’s been a decades-long consensus that words can’t really hurt someone.

While hate speech falls into a different category where this rule doesn’t apply, the usage of pronouns doesn’t, especially if we’re referring to middle-school-age children.

However, despite all this, a trio of students at Kiel Middle School has gotten themselves into a load of trouble after the can of worms that is gender pronouns was opened.

Namely, the three boys in question are “under investigation” (a term I never thought I’d hear used for kids this age) for referring to a classmate using the wrong pronouns, a concept that shouldn’t even be applicable to these kids.

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Snowflake culture strikes again

The kids’ parents were informed their children violated Title IX by not addressing a student using their preferred they/them pronouns.

This has, undoubtedly, caused confusion among these kids who were told to refer to a singular entity as a plural.

One mother was on the same page. She accompanied her son to the discussion at school, assuring the absurd pronoun issue was far too perplexing for her child to grasp, adding he isn’t obligated to comply.

She added that sexual harassment should apply to sexually explicit acts, inappropriate touching, and in certain situations, even name-calling, not to misusing a pronoun for a person who’ll change them next month anyways.

Doesn’t classify as sexual harassment by federal law

Thankfully, the law is also on the parents’ side.

Wisconsin Institute’s Law and Liberty department’s Luke Berg claims the whole thing to be “hogwash”, further enforcing that idea by the fact the issue doesn’t even fall under sexual harassment by the aforementioned Title IX.

Additionally, if the school chooses to continue its narrative of wrong pronoun usage classifying as sexual harassment, it would ultimately be considered a First Amendment violation by any court that rules on the matter.

Closing the discussion, Berg stated that eighth-graders shouldn’t be exposed to this sort of reputational harm.

That’s especially if it, by no means, classifies as sexual harassment, a term which can do irreparable damage to someone’s future if stapled onto their name.

Furthermore, pronouns are literally meant to be used in a person’s absence when referring to them.

Therefore, this means that whether someone was misgendered or not is likely never to be discovered by the person in question.

Yet, in spite of this, the radical left continues to shove this idea down everyone’s unwilling throats.

The problem is this concept has become rooted in the media these kids are exposed to on a daily basis, reaching even major kids’ channels like Cartoon Network.

This has promoted the concept as a means of defining and protecting one’s self.