Mike Pence Breaks Silence on Trump

Former Vice President Mike Pence has finally broken his silence regarding President Trump. The former governor of Indiana and former VP, in an interview with Jesse Watters on Fox News, revealed the last time he talked to President Trump.

Pence told Watters the last time he spoke to Trump was last year.

Yes, Trump and Pence have not spoken to each other for an entire year. No happy birthday texts, Happy New Year’s emails, or anything; the two have had complete silence between themselves for an entire year.

Mike Pence would go on to say that he did his job on January 6th and abided by the Constitution.

Pence Gives More Details

Pence didn’t hide the fact there is tension between the two; the former vice president went on record, saying he sat down with Trump last year and talked about Pence certifying the election.

However, Trump wasn’t buying Pence’s explanation of defending the Constitution, but rather saw Pence as not being courageous or standing up against election fraud.

Pence may eye for a presidential run, but the reality is Pence has not much of a fan base. The MAGA crowd rallied behind Pence before January 6th.

However, after Pence decided not to talk about election fraud at the Senate hearing and after conducting the certification of Biden as the official president of the United States, many Americans saw him as a traitor.

In the days leading up to January 6th, Pence took to Twitter and wrote he would not de-certify the election, but rather fulfill his constitutional duty.

Many Trump supporters were saddened by Pence’s statement and even chanted “hang Pence” outside of the Capitol building.

Without Trump by his side, Pence’s political career could be finished; he might get a book deal or two, but as being the next president of the United States, the chances are slim to none.

Trump Speaks Out on Pence

During his rally in Conroe, Texas, Trump spoke out about the current bipartisan effort that is occurring in Congress right now.

Trump called out lawmakers for attempting to edit the Electoral Count Act of 1887. This change is going to assemble some word modifications that will make the vice president’s role in certifying the election more clear and not up for any interpretation.

Trump, in front of the massive crowd in Conroe, Texas, stated if Pence never really had power, then why are Democrats attempting to change the Electoral Count Act of 1887?

He would go on to say Pence did have the power to change the election results and that’s why they are attempting to update the Act of 1887.

The 45th president then asserted Mike Pence should have overturned the election, but failed to do so.