Mike Pence: “Trump is Wrong”

The former vice president of the United States, Mike Pence, has officially chosen to speak out against former President Trump.

During a speaking event in Florida, Pence stated Trump was wrong for saying the vice president has the power to send back electoral votes to the states to be decertified.

The former vice president’s comments come after Trump stated the Electoral Act of 1887 gives the vice president authority to not count electoral votes if fraud is involved.

The strong statement by Pence looks like the final dagger between any kind of relationship Trump and Pence once had.

More Details Regarding Pence’s Comments

Pence made his comments at a Federalist Society event which has, in times past, received big donations from Facebook. Pence also mentioned that it was un-American for Trump to bring up the idea of overturning the election.

Also, Pence stated just as he couldn’t legally overturn the 2020 election, Vice President Harris won’t be able to overturn the 2024 election when Republicans defeat Biden.

Trump, who is usually quick to respond to political criticism, released a statement through his Save Americ PAC. He declared that Mike Pence and Senator Mitch McConnell tried to get Biden elected president as quickly as possible.

Trump also mentioned that RINOs and Democrats are, right now, introducing a bill that would ultimately amend the 1887 Electoral Act. This amendment would include rhetoric that makes it clear the vice president has no power to overturn electoral votes.

Pence and Trump Will Not be on the 2024 Ticket Together

It appears like Pence is gearing up for a presidential run. While the former vice president has not come out and stated he’s running for president, his name has frequently come up on the list of conceivable contenders.

If Pence decides to not run, there are a lot of possible things he could do. The former vice president might even end up writing a tell-all of his time working in the Trump administration.

At this time, Trump is highly expected to announce that he’ll be running for president again. However, this announcement is likely to arrive after the midterms.

The biggest question Trump has yet to answer is who will be his running mate for the 2024 election campaign. Many Republicans hope it’s Florida Governor Ron DeSantis; others believe DeSantis will stay put in Florida and try to run for president in 2028.

Another likely running mate for Trump is Mike Pompeo, who worked as Trump’s secretary of state. Pompeo has recently undergone major weight loss and so has Trump, which has some people believing the two will run together.

If Trump picks a female vice president, then South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem and Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds could have a shot to be Trump’s next VP.