More Proof Kari Lake Was Robbed in the Election!

Earlier this week on Monday, Maricopa County Superior Judge dismissed Kari Lake’s lawsuit for the election she thinks was stolen from her during the midterm election cycle.

This came after a three-day-long trial, which exposed severe misconduct in the election, as well as some fraudulent action regarding the verification of the mail-in signatures.

Maricopa County attorneys keep trying to undermine Kari Lake

History has shown Maricopa will resort to sanctioning in times like these, stopping every election-related challenge dead in its tracks. That’s an understatement if you look at the bigger picture.

It’s rumored that Kari Lake is going to appeal this ruling; she added she will push her case to the US Supreme Court if she has to.

The Maricopa County court wouldn’t like to see their ruling overturned. It’s exactly why they’re using the tried and tested scare tactic that Democrats always have in store.

As bad of a strategy as it may be, it’s effective enough to make Lake and her attorneys look bad. In situations like these, one’s public image is all that matters, especially when it comes to trustworthiness.

Lake presses on through the sanctions

If you look deeper into Lake’s case, you’ll find the ruling against her was made by Obama judge John Tuchi in Arizona, who decided to sanction Lake and Mark Finchem for exercising their rights.

He even admitted to the ruling being more about making an example out of Lake to deter others from filing similar lawsuits in the future, which he believes to be “baseless.”

Of course, many celebrated the sanctions that were to be imposed on Lake this time around. That includes the walking, a talking joke that is Brahm Resnik, who noted it was the third set of sanctions against Lake and her attorneys.

Resnik isn’t all too composed when he’s not hiding behind a computer screen though. The Kari Lake War Room account called him out on lashing out at the candidate during her press conference earlier in the week.

Resnik is far from being a journalist. He should keep that in mind before heading to public spaces and shouting all kinds of things in front of women and children who came to support Lake.