NAACP Advises Against Traveling to Florida Because of DeSantis’ Policies

The state of Florida has been under fire recently, mainly from the woke mob which decided to protest Gov. Ron DeSantis’s policies. He implemented these policies in order to protect Floridian school children and families.

Patriotic is now “hostile”

This time, however, it’s the NAACP.

It issued an advisory to all travelers heading to Florida, claiming the policies in the state are hostile to black Americans, even though the only thing DeSantis did was prevent CRT from being a topic in classrooms.

Unfortunately, common sense and reason aren’t popular enough with the woke mob lately. They spun the story in a way that makes it seem like DeSantis is on a quest to silence African-American voices.

In the statement, the NAACP cited a number of different policies that DeSantis signed into law, including the latest one which would prevent colleges from spending funds on diversity, equity, and inclusion programs.

DeSantis had become a controversial figure in Democratic circles ever since he signed the infamous Parental Rights in Education bill, which prevented the topics of homosexuality and transgenderism from being brought up in pre-K classrooms in Florida.

A bit more recently, he also signed the “Stop WOKE Act”, which put an end to racial or gender-related discussions in classrooms, while also halting the spread of so-called Critical Race Theory in Florida’s educational institutions.

Defending sexual topics for kindergarteners isn’t a good look

NAACP president Derrick Johnson shared a few comments on the recent developments in the state of Florida, claiming DeSantis is purposely misrepresenting the horrors and inequalities that black individuals face.

In the advisory, it’s said the state will discredit and devalue the contributions of African Americans, as well as anyone belonging to any other community of color.

Even after all the criticism he’s received, DeSantis has stayed true to his cause, defending his laws that prevent sexual topics from being discussed in classrooms.

In response to the advisory, DeSantis called it a joke and a publicity stunt, not a particularly good one either. It does little to explain why the aforementioned topics SHOULD be present in classrooms with young children.