NASCAR is Going Woke and Fans are Mad as Hell

NASCAR is about as American as you can get. Patriots love it because it’s all about strength, speed, and pure American spirit.

So much sports and entertainment in the United States is centered on the liberal coasts of the West and East. NASCAR was what we still had in the South and in small towns.

Watching those stock cars zip around the track brings a feeling unlike anything else, and Americans have flocked to NASCAR for centuries for exactly that reason.

Sadly, however, NASCAR has made some horrible decisions lately. It’s going woke.

NASCAR’s Sad Decline

NASCAR fans come from all over America and have all political beliefs; however, they tend to be more conservative and come more from the South and from small towns.

Now, the leadership of NASCAR is throwing that all away with a number of decisions. Let’s start with the basics: the Clash at Daytona is a centerpiece race of NASCAR held in Daytona Beach, Florida. This is its home!

However, when NASCAR decided to move the race, they didn’t care about the legacy of the sport or anything else; they just up and yanked it into the middle of liberal Los Angeles. What the hell?

Then, there was the whole Bubba Wallace noose hoax…and NASCAR’s recent embrace of the phony Kwanzaa holiday, which is a fake holiday made up by a violent felon.

However, it’s NASCAR’s actions on Let’s Go Brandon that have many fans ready to ditch them for good…

The Uproar Around ‘Let’s Go Brandon’

Let’s Go Brandon is a chant that got popular around the country.

It happened when an interviewer was talking to driver Brandon Brown and the crowd started chanting. The reporter said it sounded like they were saying, “Let’s Go Brandon.”

The crowd was actually chanting, “F— Joe Biden,” which is why people found it hilarious and started saying “Let’s Go Brandon” as code for FJB.

In any case, the meme became extremely popular and a new cryptocurrency coin called LGBCoin came in to sponsor Brown.

NASCAR didn’t like it and removed the right to put LGB logos on the car and mention the meme. They are taking away Brown’s ability to use the term for marketing and banning it because of political correctness.

NASCAR is scared of the woke mob. A once proud sport that cared about America and didn’t pander to the leftist lunatics is now bending and breaking.

Does it want a crowd of woke latte folks in LA instead? Good luck with that.

The Bottom Line

As President Trump said, when you go woke, you go broke. NASCAR is taking a sharp left turn and they’re going to start paying for it with falling sales.

Fans are sadly realizing this sport’s leadership no longer respects them in any way.