NBA Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neal Says Vaccines Shouldn’t be Forced

Former NBA Champion for the Los Angeles Lakers Shaquille O’Neal has broken his silence when it comes to talking about vaccine mandates.

The legendary Hall of Famer, who is deemed the most dominant basketball player to step on the court, on his podcast declared he believes the COVID-19 vaccines should not be forced at all.

Shaq made his comments while he and former NFL legend Anthony Adams and his co-host Nischelel Turner were discussing a recent event that involved two nurses from Long Island being arrested for creating fake COVID-19 vaccination cards.

Shaq didn’t agree the women should have been arrested; instead, he turned his attention to the mandates that put the women in a difficult situation, to begin with.

More Details on the Story

Shaq, who usually doesn’t say much on political issues, told his listeners on the Big Podcast with Shaq he might get in trouble for saying what he was about to say.

He then continued, ‘I don’t believe people should be forced to get a COVID-19 vaccine if they do not want to get one.’

Of course, Shaq’s comments were met with kickback by his co-host Turner. Turner stated the vaccines aren’t forced. However, Shaq wasn’t having any of that and he quickly replied ‘yes they are forced.’

Shaq is right. Many companies are manipulating their employees to either choose the job that puts food on their table or choose their beliefs.

Listen to Shaq slam mandates here:


O’Neal would go on to use a hypothetical situation to prove his point that vaccine mandates within some companies are forced.

Shaq explained to his co-host Turner that if E.T.(Entertainment Tonight) tells its employees to get vaccinated, and if they refuse, they lose their job, then that’s forced because you’re playing with people’s income.

Shaq Has Always Pushed Back Against the Radical Leftist

While BLM and Antifa were calling for the police to get defunded, Shaq backed the blue.

Shaq is now referred to as Dr. O’Neal after getting his doctorate in organizational learning. He has used that doctorate to go around the country, visit different police forces, and give them tips on leadership.

Shaq also organized community outreaches and one time even played basketball with officers and children in Gainesville, Florida.

Watch the moment it happened below.

Not everybody on television is for vaccine mandates; some just stay silent, due to the fact they want to keep their jobs. However, when a person like Shaq (who is on TV nightly) talks, people listen. That’s because we all know he’s definitely going off-script.

Hopefully, more superstars speak out because once the Biden administration loses more and more influential people, they won’t be able to recover and will have to reverse mandates.