NC Bill to Call For Re-Election in Case of Lawmaker Switching Parties

North Carolina state Senate Democrats pushing for changes to the landscape of the 2024 presidential election have now taken issue with yet another thing, this time related to their own party.

To no one’s surprise, people are leaving the Democrat Party in droves. Left-wingers can’t have that impeding their success, which is why the NC Senate announced measures for those who perform a so-called party “switcheroo” in their term.

Party “switcheroo” only bad if it’s not in Democrats’ favor

As per the proposed legislation, anyone who abandons their current party and switches over to the opposition would have to be removed from office. They would need to refund all their donors’ money immediately, which would call for re-election.

NC State Senator Michael Garrett introduced this hilarious bill to the public. Its design is loosely based on the recent events of Rep.Tricia Cotham abandoning the Democrat Party and switching over to the Republican side.

Of course, Garrett failed to mention that Cotham had very good reasons for the change. She even stated herself that the modern-day left-wing is practically unrecognizable to her and dozens of other Democrats across the state of North Carolina.

She also added the reason she switched sides was the fact she was pressured to vote with the Democratic caucus one time, adding she will not be controlled by anyone.

Cotham’s voters are mad

However, the “issue” lies in the fact that Cotham was re-elected in November against her opponent Tony Long.

On top of this, her switch over to the right gave the GOP a supermajority in the NC House, which made it possible to oppose any blocks from Gov. Roy Cooper.

Even though she previously opposed restrictions on abortion, Cotham stated she believes the Republican bill creates a middle ground that anyone who’s not extreme can support.

Even though Cotham’s voters were angry with her decision, this only outlines how out of touch Democratic voters can be. Cotham was very vocal about her values and what she stands for, all of which were closely aligned with what the GOP is now fighting for.