Nearly 50% of Biden’s Twitter Followers Are Bots

"Joe Biden" by Gage Skidmore

A recently developed account auditing tool by SparkToro has discovered shocking information regarding the president’s Twitter account.

It has over 22.2 million followers, 49.3% of which the tool has found to be bot accounts.

The number, calculated with a series of factors like location issues, default images, and usernames, has presented us with alarming information.

This prompted Tesla CEO Elon Musk to express significant concerns about the copious amounts of fake profiles riddling every user’s account.

“The Summit Thursday” by Web Summit

Biden administration artificially inflates the president’s popularity on social media

Namely, Musk believes the current president would easily lose around half of his social media following if the issue is tackled.

It’s exactly what he plans to do once he’s obtained ownership of the company.

Early Tuesday, Musk claimed the $44 billion deal to purchase Twitter has currently been put on hold, due to these recently discovered fake account issues.

He once again took his chance to criticize the current CEO, Parag Agrawal.

In fact, the eccentric billionaire took it one step further, claiming Twitter is underselling its fake account numbers.

Per Musk, the real figure could be at least four times bigger than the information presented to the general public.

He added his initial offer was based on the company’s SEC filings being accurate. Given the fact that Agrawal refused to show proof of it being sub-5%, the deal had to be put on hold.

Elon Musk’s argument

Agrawal tried defending his company, assuring his followers Twitter is doing its best to remove fake and spam accounts that have plagued the network ever since its inception.

The CEO reiterated the estimate of these fake accounts is 1/5, a number which has remained steady through dozens of quarters.

After writing a series of tweets on the topic, one would think Musk would reply in an equally polite manner.

However, the Tesla CEO instead replied with a poop emoji and dozens of important questions regarding the situation at hand.

He asked how investors and advertisers know whether they’re getting the proper amount of bang for their buck.

Musk claimed that type of transparency is integral to any company’s financial health, even Twitter, the company he’s yet to claim ownership of.

Currently, Twitter’s share price collapsed to a staggering $36.80/share, which is a drop greater than 17%, compared to Musk’s initial offer per share.

This led many to believe he’s simply using the fake account issue as leverage to negotiate the buying price for the company.

However, the same software that’s been used to research Biden’s account on the social media network managed to backfire.

It also released information that of Musk’s 93.3 million followers, a surprising 70.2% were fake or spam accounts, just confirming Musk’s point in his private war against Agrawal.