New Ad Begging Trump to Dump His Endorsement For This AG

A new television advertisement airing only in the Florida area is encouraging President Trump to pull his endorsement away from Michigan Attorney General candidate Matt DePerno from the race for attorney general.

The commercial began airing on Wednesday and will continue to air until Saturday.

This is the same day that Trump will travel to Michigan to cheer for DePerno and other Republicans he has supported in the state’s August primary.

To sum up the ad’s message: “Republicans need a winner competing for Michigan attorney general, not another grifting failure like Matt DePerno,” the narrator in the commercial states at the end of the commercial.

Watch the Ad Here

President Trump endorsed DePerno because the latter agrees with the former president’s claims that the election was rigged in 2020, particularly in Michigan.

President Joe Biden defeated Donald Trump in Michigan by a margin of 154,000 votes, winning 50.62 percent to 47.84 percent. Many Republicans in Michigan, on the other hand, are vehemently against DePerno.

DePerno’s conservative opponents are now going on the attack in an attempt to persuade the former president to openly withdraw his support and give it to someone else.

They want to persuade the 45th president that DePerno is equally problematic and jeopardizes his political credibility in the same way that Trump changed his opinion about another candidate who ran for office.

It is said in the voiceover that “the bottom line is AG Matt DePerno backstabbed President Trump.”

As part of a determined attempt to elevate individuals who support his accusations of a stolen election, Trump has thrown weight behind many Republican candidates running for different posts in Michigan’s Aug. 2 primary.

A number of veteran Republican operatives in Michigan have expressed reservations about several of them, including DePerno.

Michigan GOP members believe he would lose the general election against current Democratic Attorney General Dana Nessel, despite the fact the Republican Party is gaining momentum in Michigan.

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Conservatives opposed to DePerno’s candidacy mentioned the issue of Twitter posts the Michigan attorney general candidate released that brought pushback against Matt Schlapp and Ronna McDaniel.

For years, McDaniel has been serving as the chair of the Republican National Committee. She and Trump also go way back.

DePerno charged Schlapp and McDaniel with misusing cash. He claimed this cash was gathered to bankroll Trump’s legal attempts to combat alleged election fraud in 2020. Schlapp and McDaniel rejected the claims.

Trump is planning to hold one of his customary large-scale campaign rallies in Macomb County, just outside of Detroit, on Saturday, according to his campaign.

DePerno will be speaking at the event, as will other Michigan Republicans who have been backed by the former president. It is unknown whether Trump will pull back his endorsement.