New Washington State Law Crosses Line into Full COVID Fascism

We’ve seen what’s happening in countries like Australia and Canada regarding COVID. These countries have gone overboard into taking drastic action against the virus.

This includes long lockdowns, huge fines for driving or leaving home at the wrong times, and strict mandates around masks and vaccination.

It would be nice to tell you the problem is far away from our shores and America is safe. It would be reassuring to say our Constitution and rights will protect us from any more of this insanity coming our way.

However, the truth is this is just not the case. As a new law in Washington state shows, blue states are moving rapidly toward full COVID fascism.

What is Washington’s New Law?

The new rule proposed in Washington is currently being reviewed by state health authorities and may go into law soon. It authorizes the creation of detention camps for people who break the laws around the vaccine and go places they’re not allowed while unvaccinated.

It would allow “strike forces” to seize people 5-years-old and above to take them to camps for “isolation” in order to supposedly keep everyone safe from the unvaccinated.

The new changes would give health officers in the state huge power to basically seize and detain people who don’t get vaccinated or follow COVID rules.

Before detention, unvaccinated people would be given the option to get tests or vaccines, but if they won’t “comply,” then it’s off to the camps for up to 10 days of a cool-down and isolation period.

Police would be able to be called in for non-compliant people who won’t go along with the rules as well. What is it with authoritarians and their obsession with camps and taking people to camps?

It seems like these progressive blue state folks have learned nothing from the horrors of history.

This is Not a Drill

News like this doesn’t sound like it comes from America, but unfortunately, it does. Washington state and other blue states have shown their threats are not empty and they’re serious about shredding up our Constitution.

Take the case of Scott Miller, a doctor in Washington who lost his license to practice medicine several months ago, after giving severely ill COVID patients ivermectin and alternative treatments.

Miller is a vaccine skeptic who is not in favor of mandatory vaccinations and believes the risks don’t justify forcing them on people. He’ll be one of those who testify during hearings on the new legal changes slated to be put through in Washington.

The Bottom Line

Strike teams are going to be paid up to $4,300 per month to haul people off to camps. WA Governor Jay Inslee is making this a priority.

In America, in 2022, we have a law being considered to forcibly take people to COVID camps. I wish I was joking.