NHL to Learn a Hard Lesson After Caving to Transgender Agenda

The NHL appears to be suffering from a serious case of go woke or go broke.

The National Hockey League embraced the clamor of the woke movement earlier this morning with a surprising and courageous tweet supporting an all-trans match in Wisconsin.

NHL Announces All-Trans Match

This was accompanied by a Twitter user stating that these were actually men competing on a women’s team, to which the NHL replied with a statement employed by those who are completely compliant with transgender doctrine.

The NHL posted that Trans women are still women. Trans males are still men, and that nonbinary identity is a reality.

You are free to read the replies for yourselves. Despite the fact that it’s a mixed bag, the biggest chunk of the feedback was overwhelmingly unfavorable, and for good cause. This viewpoint is absurd and has no foundation in reality. Men aren’t actually female and women aren’t really men. The biological sexes of humans are not convertible.

The NHL, like numerous other institutions, is striving to please an extremely vociferous, loud, and deceptively tiny group of activists who have persuaded it that it must demonstrate agreement with the transgender movement or face tremendous backlash. We wouldn’t be shocked if they applied themselves to this as well.

You may begin to observe signs painted on the ice or a portion of the game devoted to the trans narrative.

Perhaps that will occur, or perhaps it won’t, but we know for certain that the NHL has really started something.  This game it hosted and all these posts that it sent aren’t going to be sufficient.

If it ceases now, the transgender activist population and its friends would blame the NHL of using them for public relations purposes rather than genuine commitment to the cause, and they would be correct. The objective is to maintain the NHL in a condition of continual submission and unreserved adoration.

This will completely destroy the NHL’s popularity and revenue, and we understand this since the NFL experienced the same thing.

To summarize, when Colin Kaepernick lowered his knees on the field, he set off a ripple effect that drove the whole league to kneel in support of social equality. On the grounds, slogans including “Black Lives Matter” were sprayed. One of America’s most popular sports lost millions of supporters after players started kneeling while the national anthem was played.

RedState recorded the repercussions.

Ratings Will Fall

The ratings began to fall. By 2018, it has lost 33 percent of its viewership due in large part to boycotts. That is a tremendous decline. The ratings for the 2019 Super Bowl were the worst in 10 years.

With the devastating accidents, the NFL began to move away from incorporating social awareness into the sport, perhaps in response to team owners’ complaints about declining audience and merchandise sales. Soon, athletes stopped kneeling during the national anthem, and audience-pleasing sentiments such as “salute to service” started to appear.

This article appeared in Conservative Cardinal and has been published here with permission.