NHS Feeds into Woke Propaganda, Removes the Term “Woman”

The NHS has once again caved to liberal pressure, this time removing the word “woman” from dozens of their webpages containing advice regarding ovarian, cervix, and womb cancers.

This is an illness that can only be found in biological women. Unfortunately, being trans-inclusive takes precedent to being anatomically correct, it seems.

The woke crowd is still unhappy, demanding that language surrounding women, such as “breastfeeding,” be erased from dictionaries and textbooks as it “sidelines non-binary persons.”

“A pink badge ribbon on woman chest to support breast cancer cause” by Marco Verch Professional Photographer

“Womb-owning persons“

In fact, they’ve gone as far as teaching some midwives to assist biological men through childbirth.

It’s scientifically impossible for a biological male to conceive a child, regardless of what kind of gender reassignment surgery they’ve gone through.

The change was initially introduced to the website in January, but only discovered earlier this week.

Instead of claiming ovarian cancers are the most common type among women, it now states anyone with ovaries can contract the deadly illness.

Not only is this information misleading, but it’s majorly disrespectful to women who have fought with and survived ovarian and womb cancers.

However, the NHS remained steadfast in its updates, claiming them to be helpful to anyone who needs them.

The same goes for both the womb and cervix cancer pages. They have removed any mention of the word “woman” from all pages describing the illness and what causes it.

Gender-neutral language leads to misleading information

Thankfully, a voice of reason has spoken up on the matter.

Midwifery expert Prof. Jenny Gamble claims these changes to language have brought a significant risk of women missing out on crucial information.

She goes on to reiterate an individual’s gender should be made visible when relevant to communication, assuring it’s been a well-established principle that’s worked fine for decades until the left decided to fix something never broken to begin with.

Furthermore, Gamble, who co-authored a paper on the importance of sex-specific language when it comes to healthcare, believes health-related information reaching its intended audience is crucial.

The target group should be able to easily identify when said information applies to them.

The NHS responded to the news, with a spokesperson claiming the word “woman” is used in other subsections on the page.

However, given the fact their website is continuously updated, it’s only a matter of time before it’s completely gone.

It seems the woke left won this battle.

Biological women are once again being sidelined just because a person diagnosed with a mental illness decided it’s their constitutional right to be diagnosed with ovarian cancer, even if they don’t have ovaries.

Sadly, this isn’t the last we’ll hear of this.

It’s been found that NHS hospitals have been asking biological men whether they were pregnant before subjecting them to scans or cancer treatment.