North Carolina School Used Pictures of Pregnant Men to Teach Colors

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After some rather questionable teaching materials were discovered at Ballentine Elementary School, a couple of concerned constituents e-mailed Republican state Representative Erin Pare.

Pare immediately contacted the school’s principal over the alarming situation.

Namely, the cards in question depicted a woman and a pregnant man embracing one another. They were being used by a teacher at the school to teach preschoolers colors.

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LGBTQ flashcards make their way into a preschool classroom

After the principal confiscated the “teaching materials,” she confirmed they were not part of the school’s approved curriculum; also, she had no idea they were being used by the teacher.

After the material was successfully removed from the classroom, it wasn’t long before the WCPSS area superintendent was contacted.

This involved human resources in the chaos that ensued, with the principal exclaiming she wouldn’t have found out about this atrocity, had it not been for the constituent’s quick actions.

North Carolina House Speaker Tim Moore’s office released a poll they’d conducted earlier this week.

This showed over 57% of North Carolina voters are in support of passing legislation that would make parents the primary decision-makers when it comes to their child’s health.

Additionally, this would allow them to opt their child out of controversial surveys and age-inappropriate teaching materials growing in popularity and in tandem with the LGBT community’s pull on liberal media and policies.

Will other NC schools follow suit?

Moore continued, stating the members of the NC General Assembly are already working hard at reviewing legislation to address the issue at hand.

He restated that parents have the right to know what their children are being taught.

Representative Pare also released a statement following the fiasco, citing the cards in question do not meet the criteria that would qualify them for a preschool classroom.

Now, an investigation into how they got there is underway.

She added that Ballentine Elementary School managed to handle and address the issue in a professional, calm manner. She’s grateful the constituents shared their concerns with her.

Schools, especially preschools and elementary schools, should pay more attention to the materials used in their classroom.

There’s certainly material out there that isn’t age-appropriate for these young minds; a certain standard needs to be upheld.

There’s no information on whether other flashcards like these are being used in other schools across Wake County.

However, Pare hopes they will follow Ballentine’s example and respond in a timely manner when parents want to make sure their child isn’t exposed to distasteful or inappropriate “teaching material” as the cards in question.

America is going the wrong way and it doesn’t seem that things will get better any time soon…