NYC Employees Forced to Endure CRT Training

If you’re employed by New York City, we’ve got some bad news for you, unless you’re actually willing to feed into the woke stuff the left is trying to serve you, in which case, you’re in luck.

As it turns out, forcing CRT into our schools wasn’t enough. Now, the libs have imposed a month-long deadline to complete critical race theory training if you want to keep your job.

Left forces divisive agenda on NYC’s workforce

Through this “training,” every NYC worker will learn the importance of racial equity in the workplace, almost as if just requesting everyone to be kind to one another wasn’t enough.

Basically, they’re trying to indoctrinate everyone into the belief that America was founded on white supremacy and the system is a faulty mess, aka the standard snowflake bullsh*t we’ve been listening to for the past couple of years.

This doesn’t come off as strange, coming from the liberal haven of America, which has proclaimed itself to be a sanctuary city for immigrants only to complain once they actually arrived in the cities.

Additionally, don’t you find it strange that the most “open-minded” city is forcing a belief onto its citizens, especially one that demonizes the majority of its population?

This comes after several reports popped up of the same agenda being forced into our nation’s schools, which was denied by the left, despite there being conclusive evidence of it being there.

It’s ridiculous to even imagine we’ve turned against ourselves like this, teaching our children to hate one another based solely on the color of their skin, a concept that is completely foreign to a child, to begin with.

Progressive oppression

We thought New York City might catch a break after the two-mandate-long reign of Bill DeBlasio, the wokest mayor the city ever had, being replaced by former policeman Eric Adams.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. Adams may prove to be equally as damaging to the city’s reputation as DeBlasio was, despite all the praise he’d initially gotten from several conservative figures throughout the country.

The Big Apple quickly turned into a place that is run by the woke mob. They’re trying to convince everyone that race is merely a social construct created by white people to oppress minorities inside the US.

They even went a step further, claiming American society used this “concept” to create a justice system that gives privilege to whites while excluding and oppressing every other race, which is categorically untrue.

Dark times have befallen us. There’s no telling when we’ll be able to recover from the grip of the woke libs that took control of our education and justice systems.

CRT is a stain on this country’s name and reputation; the NYC workers who refuse to accept it will have to seek employment elsewhere.