NYC Mayor Adams Hints at 2024 Presidential Run

"NYC Mayoral Candidate Eric Adams at the NYC heroes parade" by Billie Grace Ward

It’s recently become known that 61-year-old NYC Mayor Eric Adams, a self-proclaimed “Biden of Brooklyn”, is eyeing a 2024 White House bid.

He’s considering a race as a form of anti-woke Democrat; Adams is convinced he’s got a decent shot at winning, too. This comes as a breath of fresh air to the Democrat Party.

Despite Adams being a Democrat mayor, he’s caught the attention of numerous prominent figures in the Republican Party as well.

“Subway Safety” by Metropolitan Transportation Authority of the State of New York

Eric Adams vows to run as anti-woke Democrat

The source for this information is an unidentified Democrat official from Brooklyn, who revealed Adams’ advisor, Ingrid Lewis-Martin, was already running point on the matter.

Although, Adams is only looking to run if Biden chose not to.

At the moment, there’s no conclusive evidence regarding whether Biden will actually run again in 2024. He’s announced his campaign numerous times, but he’s also the nation’s oldest president to date, as well as the holder of a record-breakingly low approval rating.

Additionally, Biden himself announced he’d only be a single-term president at the time of his 2020 campaign.

Although a suitable candidate to fill his spot has yet to be found, given that Vice President Kamala Harris’ approval rating isn’t doing too well either.

On the flip side, Adams managed to please a number of both centrist and Republican figures during his short time in the NYC office.

Even though he’s received a fair share of criticism himself, he remains the single best candidate for the Democrat Party.

Tanking approval rating due to false promises

Unfortunately, despite the excitement that Adams’s potential run for office generated, another one of his advisors, Evan Thies, dismissed the rumors.

He assures the mayor’s focus is currently on lowering the city’s surging crime rate, as well as improving its economy.

With these changes on the way, even some GOP lawmakers believe Adams could have a fair shot at the presidency, considering his combination of progressive values and unwillingness to feed into woke propaganda.

He went as far as pinning the current record-high crime rate on NYC’s former mayor, Bill DeBlasio, who’d been immortalized as the city’s wokest leader.

The current issue, though, is Adams’s approval rating tanked due to the crime rate, with the issue making up for 49% of citizens’ major concerns, closely followed by affordable housing and the record-high homelessness.

Moreover, nearly 90% of New Yorkers have called for an increase in transit police units in the subway, following the violent attacks of the past few months.

However, there are yet to be more officers added to the system, despite Adams’ promises.

Even if Adams does decide to run for the White House, not a single NYC mayor ever made it that far. Adams has been making major moves towards being viewed as a leader, appearing at dozens of political and charity events across the country.